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Graduate and professional students are the best calling card of any college or school of law, almost always successful professionals have studied in the most important universities, the following list was prepared taking into account this and other aspects.

Top 100 Law schools  

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The American College of Law
The American College of Law, located in Anaheim, California was founded in 1971 as a private corporation to meet the growing demand for a legal educat...
Address: 100 S. Anaheim Blvd., Suite 340

Pacific Coast University (School of Law)
Pacific Coast University was founded in 1927, before the California State Bar itself was formed. The University originally offered graduate programs i...
Address: 1650 Ximeno Ave., Suite 310

Appalachian School of Law
Nestled in downtown Grundy amidst the majestic Central Appalachian mountains, the Appalachian School of Law provides an exhilarating, yet challenging ...
Address: Route 83, 1 Slate Creek Road

Abraham Lincoln University (School of Law)
Abraham Lincoln University School of Law offers a unique program for the study of law. This program is unlike any other in the United States. We combi...
Address: 3000 S. Robertson Blvd

Trinity International University (Trinity Law School)
Trinity Law School, located in Santa Ana, California, offers a four-year juris doctoral program with classes available during both day and evening, en...
Address: 2200 N. Grand Ave.

Texas Wesleyan University (School of Law)
Established in 1989, the law school was acquired by Texas Wesleyan University in 1992 and granted full approval by the American Bar Association (550 W...
Address: 1515 Commerce Street

Widener University (School of Law)
Widener University School of Law operates a number of clinics that make an enormous difference in the quality of life for many people and that play a ...
Address: 4601 Concord Pike

Tufts University (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy)
When The Fletcher School opened in 1933, in the midst of the Great Depression, it was an act of hope in a time of despair and a boost to international...
Address: 160 Packard Ave.

Birmingham School of Law
The Birmingham School of Law has been offering a high quality affordable legal education to individuals who choose not to attend a traditional law sch...
Address: 205 20th Street North

St. Thomas University (School of Law)
The St. Thomas University School of Law was founded in 1984. The School of Law is located on the main campus of the university and includes a multi-le...
Address: 16401 NW 37th Avenue

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