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Why go to Law school?

Why a law school

The law is a fundamental part of society's politics, economics and culture - giving a support for relationships between individuals, companies, the government, and its agencies. The decision to become a lawyer is a highly personal one, based on a number of factors that you must take into account.

Law career is a strict academic subject, here are some interesting characteristics:
  • Accuracy: there's no room for ambiguity in legal argument; you'll be the class of person who gets directly to the point.

  • Clarity of thought and the ability to place: analyse and express complicated ideas: the oral argument is a very little part of law school life and for the immense majority of lawyers; it's a quite little part of their training.

  • Persuasiveness: the law brings to light a point of view.

  • Communications abilities: both aspects, oral and written, are significant to bring to light your arguments.

  • Presentation abilities: you'll have to write and speak fluently and efficiently.
If you like thinking, writing, solving inconveniences, negotiating compromises, and pleading on behalf of people or causes, then law school will be a good appropriate for you.