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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (William S. Boyd School of Law)

The Boyd School of Law is an exciting environment in which to study law. As a new and upwardly mobile law school --we received accreditation from the ABA at the earliest possible time-- the Boyd School of Law enjoys an exciting atmosphere in which faculty, students, and staff are working together to create a better kind of law school. Having been associated with two more mature law schools in the earlier stages of my career, I can clearly feel a greater level of excitement and enthusiasm here, a positive spirit of "we're all in this together" as we seek to build a great law school for Nevada.

The people who constitute the Boyd School of Law share a commitment to excellence. We have done everything possible to recruit an outstanding faculty of legal educators and students, and to support them with a dedicated staff. I think that our students agree that they are well served by our faculty, most of whom have taught at other major law schools and have excellent reputations as teachers, scholars, and community servants. I know that our faculty members regard our students as talented, energetic, and enthusiastic people who bring a rich array of experiences to their studies at the Boyd School of Law. We hope to continue the recruitment of excellent students and faculty - who are, after all, the heart of an excellent law school - and it is for that reason that we so appreciate your interest in our program.

The Boyd School of Law is committed to community service and to professionalism, to teaching our students about those concepts, and to offering opportunities for students and faculty to serve the community and the legal profession. Through our Introduction to Law, Lawyering Process, and Community Service programs, the Boyd School of Law seeks to introduce students to the notions of the lawyer as professional and community servant and to the variety of roles that lawyers play in our society. Through clinical, externship, and simulation offerings, the law school attempts to provide opportunities for professional lawyering experiences to students while still in school.

The Boyd School of Law is committed - through the teaching by its faculty of a traditional curriculum, supplemented by the sorts of offerings noted in the prior paragraph - to developing problem-solving skills in its students and to instilling in those students the values of dispute avoidance and problem-solving short of litigation. While litigation is one option for dispute resolution, it is often not the best option, with successful lawyers being those who can avoid disputes for their clients through careful planning or resolve disputes for them through negotiation or other problem-solving methods prior to litigation. Of course, litigation will sometimes be necessary and appropriate, and Boyd School of Law graduates should be prepared to litigate when that method of dispute resolution is appropriate.

The Boyd School of Law is committed to making legal education available to people of all economic circumstances. With evening and day part-time programs, in which students with full-time jobs can complete law school in four years, and a three-year full-time day program, the law school is open to those who need gainful employment and to those who do not. In addition, the Boyd School of Law makes available a significant amount of financial aid to assist worthy students with law school expenses and lessen their need to work. For these reasons, we have had significant success in attracting diverse and interesting students, people with a wide variety of educational and experiential backgrounds who make the classroom experience a very rich and rewarding one.

The mission of the Boyd School of Law is

- to serve the State of Nevada and the national and international legal and academic communities by developing and maintaining an innovative and excellent educational program that will train ethical and effective lawyers and leaders,

- to stress community service, professionalism and the roles, responsibilities, skills, and values of lawyers,

- to produce excellent scholarship,

- to involve students and faculty in community service projects, and

- to provide leadership on important issues of public policy, dispute resolution, the law, and legal practice.

In seeking to fulfill its mission, the Boyd School of Law aspires to become a model community, one in which the people of the law school will deal with one another professionally, respectfully, and with a view to maximizing the potential of each participant in this exciting educational enterprise.

The objective of the William S. Boyd School of Law Academic Success Program is to provide a comprehensive network of presentations, activities, tutorials, and workshops designed to stimulate learning and amplify the classroom experience. The Academic Success Program supplements the required curriculum with a host of opportunities to enhance learning skills and develop more efficient, effective methods of studying, comprehending, and writing in the law school environment. The Academic Success Program supervises the Center for Academic Success and Enrichment.

The law school requires first-year students to participate in a community service program. Working with Clark County Legal Services and Nevada Legal Services, teams of students prepare and conduct weekly workshops for unrepresented people on basic procedures in family or small claims court and on paternity, custody, guardianship, and bankruptcy matters. This program offers students the chance to educate groups of people in a general way without giving specific legal advice. Students are required to attend approximately five hours of training and to conduct weekly, two-hour workshops.

In the second half of their law school careers, students will have the opportunity, under direct faculty supervision, to represent real clients in a variety of externships and in-house legal clinics, as well as to work one-on-one with an attorney mentor on cases in consumer law, child welfare, and family law. By so doing, they gain valuable training and experience. Moreover, these sorts of experiences should help to reinforce the students' commitment to community service, while demonstrating to the students that there is a large unmet need for legal services in our society today. We hope that Boyd School of Law students and graduates will be a positive force - throughout their careers - in meeting this need and in making their community a better place.

To meet the varying schedules of today’s busy professionals, the Law School offers three programs leading to the Juris Doctor degree: the full-time program leading to a degree in three years and part-time day and part-time evening programs leading to a degree in four years. Students also have the benefit of learning in small classes (we rarely have classes of more than 50 students) in which they can actively participate and get to know classmates and faculty.

The first year curriculum is a rigorous course of study combining hands on experiences through the Community Service Program and traditional first year law courses to provide students a solid foundation in the law and prepare them to be thoughtful, reflective lawyers. Throughout the curriculum, we stress the importance of the legal profession and its norms, as well as the different roles that lawyers play and the skills, values, and responsibilities associated with those roles. We also expose students to the principles of dispute avoidance and resolution.

Following their first year of study, students must take several additional required courses -- Constitutional Law I, Criminal Law, Lawyering Process III, and Professional Responsibility -- and choose their remaining credit hours from a wide array of elective courses. A total of 89 credit hours is required to graduate.

Not only do Boyd School of Law students have a chance to serve the community, they have the chance to build a community. As the founders of a relatively new law school, students, faculty and staff welcome the opportunity to work together to build a special sort of community, one which values cooperation, collaboration, civility, mutual respect, and diversity, and in which all of the participants are seeking (and helping others) to maximize their potential.

The early entering classes have played a very important role in helping to define and establish the student organizations and activities of the law school, as well as the traditions and culture surrounding them. Among the student organizations already established at the Boyd School of Law are the Student Bar Association, Christian Law Students Association, Dallin H. Oaks Society, Criminal Law Students Association, Environmental Law Society, Federalist Society, Gaming Law Student Association, Minority Law Students Association, Phi Alpha Delta, Public Interest Law Association, the Organization of Women Law Students (OWLS), Sexual and Gender Equality (SAGE), Sports and Entertainment Law Association, and student chapters of the Nevada Trial Lawyers Association and American Civil Liberties Union.

In cooperation with the Associate Dean's office, students have the opportunity to develop any number of other organizations and activities that have relevance to the law school and enrich the experience of students.

School name:University of Nevada, Las VegasWilliam S. Boyd School of Law
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