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Trinity International University (Trinity Law School)

Trinity Law School, located in Santa Ana, California, offers a four-year juris doctoral program with classes available during both day and evening, enabling students to work full-time as they complete their law degree. Graduates may sit for the Bar examination of the California State Bar. The program is also available as a joint degree with either the Master of Arts in Communication and Culture or the Master of Arts in Bioethics offered by Trinity Graduate School. Courses in the communication and culture and bioethics programs are offered at the Santa Ana site--the minimal residency requirement at Deerfield may be fulfilled during a summer visit.

The Trinity Law Library includes the primary sources of Federal and California law, as well as a broad range of important secondary resources including texts, treatises, and periodicals. The library includes an international human rights collection totaling in excess of 3,000 volumes and periodicals.

While Trinity law students experience all the academic rigors and intellectual challenges found at most traditional law schools, they also have the opportunity to study in an atmosphere of cooperation and encouragement that fosters academic success.

Trinity students study law among an ethnically diverse student body in one of the most diverse centers in the world - California - an ideal place to study, work, and live. Trinity's campus is in the midst of Orange County, just minutes away from such attractions as Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Edison Stadium (home of the Anaheim Angels baseball team), the Richard Nixon Library, and the Performing Arts Center.


The purpose of Trinity Law School is to provide an exceptional legal education in the historic, biblical
Judeo-Christian tradition.
The school seeks to prepare qualified students to practice as attorneys, to use legal skills in other
settings, and to engage and impact the culture. Trinity Law School offers a rich, scholarly academic
experience, as well as an opportunity and encouragement for spiritual growth. Students at Trinity Law
School are challenged to the highest standards of faith, integrity and professionalism.
To accomplish its mission, Trinity Law School has committed itself to the attainment of the following:
To maintain a superior teaching staff that is characterized by academic excellence, scholarship, strong
practical experience, and a Christian worldview which functions in a major role in the institution's
To adhere to clearly defined standards for academic standing, advancement and graduation.
To maintain a library that supports its educational goals and objectives.
To maintain a system of performance accountability in the areas of teaching effectiveness and student
To inculcate in students a strong sense of professional responsibility.
To treat students with respect, be sensitive to their needs, and to foster a sense of community.
To demonstrate a commitment to equality of opportunity by adopting and implementing policies
governing educational programs, admissions, retention, hiring, promotion, financial aid and student
programs that are without discrimination as to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability.

Trinity Law School is a Christian law school. We are committed to the belief that Christianity should affect every aspect of life and business. This includes legal practice and public policy. Courses at Trinity Law School seek to provide a student not only with the same knowledge of the law they would obtain at a secular law school, but with an understanding of law and legal practice that is fully integrated with biblical principles and the Christian worldview. We want graduates of Trinity Law School to be equipped to effectively criticize current public policy and propose superior public policy alternatives. We want Trinity graduates to be equipped to defend their faith in the marketplace of ideas and, if necessary, in the courts. We want Trinity graduates to be able to aid those who are being oppressed, to free those unjustly condemned, and to work for justice in every level and aspect of society. We seek to instill in Trinity students the realization that law is a profession committed to the whole good of individuals and society, not just a trade or means to earn a living. This integrative approach takes place both in each class dedicated to an individual legal subject and in specialized classes such as Jurisprudence and Legal Institutions and Values that deal directly with philosophical and theological issues.

The academic calendar consists of two 15-week semesters each fall and spring with the option of additional Summer courses. To graduate with a Juris Doctor degree from the full-time program, a student must complete three consecutive academic terms within five years. To graduate from the part-time program, a student must complete four consecutive academic terms within five years.

Trinity Law School confers the Juris Doctor degree upon its students who have met the admission requirements and have satisfactorily completed the prescribed program of 85 units of study. In most cases, the degree will be conferred only upon students who have been in residence at Trinity Law School for at least the final four semesters. An average grade of C (2.00 on a scale of 4.00) or better is required in all work offered for the degree.

School name:Trinity International UniversityTrinity Law School
Address:2200 N. Grand Ave.
Zip & city:CA 92705 California

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