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The Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Cooley’s focus on practical legal scholarship recognizes that the law is not merely a body of rules or knowledge, but a vital process.
At Cooley, legal theory is rigorously analyzed and
integrated with practice. Scholarly research and writing are used as an integral part of this process. To this end, the law school has recruited a faculty with strong backgrounds in the practice of law. This permits a pedagogical approach that
stresses analysis and understanding of the practical implications of legal theory.
Planning and prediction, issue identification, persuasive argument, and consideration of ethical implications are a regular part of the classroom experience.

The Cooley curriculum requires the study of traditional substantive law. Two years of required core subjects provide a solid foundation in the basic legal theory necessary for the practice of law. At the same time, students follow a skills curriculum, in both simulated and clinical settings, that stresses the practical approach to problem solving.

The Thomas M. Cooley Law School is committed to making an affordable legal education available to all qualified applicants. In this context, Cooley
has three entering classes a year and offers its students unique flexibility in scheduling a year-round program in morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend divisions. Many persons who would otherwise be unable to attend law school are able to pursue a legal education because of the flexibility of the Cooley program.

The school welcomes students without regard to race, sex, color, creed, religion, handicap, age, or
national origin. By offering three entering classes a year, flexible scheduling in a year-round
program, and a faculty solidly grounded in practical experience, the Thomas M. Cooley Law
School is able to provide a rich and varied program that integrates the principle of practical legal scholarship.

Cooley’s grades are an excellent predictor of success on the bar examination. Nearly 97% of
Cooley students who earned a 3.0 or better passed the Michigan bar examination on the first try. The LSAT also predicts bar examination
success. Of Cooley students who achieved a 150 LSAT score or better, more than 86% passed
the Michigan bar examination the first time they sat for the examination.
Cooley offers several free, no credit, bar examination preparation programs that have been proven effective. Programs include a Practice Multi-state Bar Examination, a review program for all multi-state bar subjects, and an essay workshop.

Cooley Law School offers more scheduling options
than most law schools. Students may choose from
part- or full-time schedules ranging from two to
five years. Classes begin in January, May, and
September. Cooley Law School also offers
weekend classes — pioneering the first and largest fully accredited weekend program in the country.

Cooley Law School has developed a curriculum to
prepare students for bar passage, further legal study, and to enhance the student’s career.
Cooley has more required courses than most law schools in the country. This course roster
provides full instruction in aspects of law that is considered essential to a lawyer’s understanding of state and federal jurisprudence.
Elective courses offer additional flexibility, allowing a student to select from several areas of

The law school’s historic mission is to provide a legal education that is both scholarly and
practical in its application. Every student who graduates from Cooley will take courses that
provide skills training in a simulated setting, advanced legal writing practice, and direct
career experience through an internship or externship. Cooley’s $2.8 million courtroom project
opened in 2003 and is devoted to teaching trial and appellate skills.

Cooley Law School has a faculty that has distinguished itself in both scholarly achievement and the practice of law. Each faculty member has been selected for his or her academic background, coupled with experience as a practicing attorney.
Students benefit from the faculty’s direct knowledge of how the law is applied in work settings, since the faculty teach the law with application in mind.

School name:The Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Address:300 S. Capitol Avenue
Zip & city:MI 48901 Michigan

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The Thomas M. Cooley Law School Law School Location

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