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St. John's University (School of Law)

The School currently boasts more than 13,000 living graduates and attracts students from over 200 colleges and universities throughout the country. The current student body of approximately 1,000 represents students from many backgrounds, all of whom have excelled in undergraduate institutions, and many of whom have been employed prior to starting their law studies. Today, the School of Law's original vision has widened to include students from all parts of the nation and the world who share a mutual commitment to the pursuit of excellence. As a University, we commit ourselves to academic excellence and the pursuit of wisdom that flows from free inquiry, religious values and human experience. We strive to preserve and enhance an atmosphere in which scholarly research, imaginative methodology, global awareness and an enthusiastic quest for truth serve as the basis for a vital teaching-learning process and the development of lifelong learning. Our core curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences aims to enrich lives as well as professions, and serves to unify the undergraduate experience. Graduate and professional schools express our commitment to research, rigorous standards and innovative application of knowledge. We aim not only to be excellent professionals with an ability to analyze and articulate clearly what is, but also to develop the ethical and aesthetic values to imagine and help realize what might be. St. John's is a Catholic university, founded in 1870 in response to an invitation by the first Bishop of Brooklyn, John Loughlin, to provide the youth of the city with an intellectual and moral education. We embrace the Judeo-Christian ideals of respect for the rights and dignity of every person and each individual's responsibility for the world in which we live. We commit ourselves to creating a climate patterned on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as embodied in the traditions and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. Our community, which comprises members of many faiths, strives for an openness which is "wholly directed to all that is true, all that deserves respect, all that is honest, pure, admirable, decent, virtuous, or worthy of praise" (Philippians 4:8). Thus, the University is a place where the church reflects upon itself and the world as it engages in dialogue with other religious traditions. St. John's is a Vincentian university, inspired by St. Vincent de Paul's compassion and zeal for service. We strive to provide excellent education for all people, especially those lacking economic, physical or social advantages. Community service programs combine with reflective learning to enlarge the classroom experience. Wherever possible, we devote our intellectual and physical resources to searching out the causes of poverty and social injustice and encouraging solutions that are adaptable, effective and concrete. In the Vincentian tradition, we seek to foster a world view, and to further efforts toward global harmony and development by creating an atmosphere in which all may understand and embody the spirit of compassionate concern for others - so characteristic of St. Vincent. St. John's is a metropolitan university. We benefit from the cultural diversity, the intellectual and artistic resources, and the unique professional educational opportunities offered by New York City, Rome, Italy, and other international cities. With this richness comes responsibility. We encourage these metropolitan communities to use our resources to serve their needs. On the local, state, national and international levels, our alumni serve as effective leaders and responsible citizens. We pledge to foster those qualities required for anticipating and responding to the educational, ethical, cultural, social, professional and religious needs of dynamic cities in a dynamic world. The Office of Career Services sponsors numerous programs to assist students in career preparation and planning. During the fall semester each year, the Office of Career Services conducts an orientation program for first year students to acquaint them with the services the Office has to offer. The Office also conducts an upper class orientation program, to reacquaint the more senior students with our services and to provide a guideline with respect to the timing of their career planning. Additionally, Career Services offers resume and cover letter, interviewing and job searching workshops throughout the year. Other examples of programs sponsored by Career Services include our Mock Interview Program (which brings together students and alumni for practice interviews, with detailed feedback from the interviewer), Career Panels (which showcase alumni and other professionals from different areas of practice and various legal settings), and the Judicial Clerkship Panel (which features judges as well as former and current alumni clerks discussing their respective experiences). One of the most important resources offered by the Office of Career Services is the opportunity to meet with a career counselor to discuss resume and cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, areas of potential practice, career opportunities and any other concerns regarding one’s legal career. Individual Career Counseling is provided by appointment or on a walk-in basis by all four counselors. Counselors are also available to critique cover letters and resumes. The Office of Career Services utilizes technology as a means of providing the students with a convenient method to communicate with the Office. The two main sources of technology used are the eAttorney website, and the LEXIS/NEXIS Web Course site. The eAttorney web site, located at is a very important web site used by the Office to administer the On-Campus Interviewing Program (via OCI+) and to post employer job listings. Students must contact the Office to obtain an eAttorney password, and are advised to check the site regularly for both the scheduling of on-campus interviews and for newly posted job listings. The LEXIS/NEXIS Web Course is a web site maintained by the Office which contains internship and fellowship postings and provides access to important Career Services information such as announcements, newsletters, a calendar of events, links to job searches, and links to important websites. Students must have a valid Lexis ID to access the Web Course, and must register for the Web Course in order to receive e-mails from the Office of Career Services. he Office of Career Services is active in participating in and promoting various programs designed to increase employment opportunities for minority students. The Association of the Bar of the City of New York’s Committee on Recruitment and Retention of Lawyers conducts the Summer Fellowship Program, a highly competitive program to place first-year minority law students in summer jobs with large law firms and corporate legal departments. The Office of Career Services publicizes the program, assists first-year students in submitting their application packages and coordinates the selection process of candidates representing St. John’s. Each year, St. John’s produces several fellowship recipients. The Office of Career Services also encourages and facilitates student participation in the Northeast BLSA Job Fair, the Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference, the Metlife Law Department’s Diversity Committee’s Career Forum, and the New York City Practicing Attorneys for Law Students (PALS) Program.

School name:St. John's UniversitySchool of Law
Address:8000 Utopia Parkway
Zip & city:NY 11439 New York

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