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Saint Louis University (School of Law )

The mission of Saint Louis University School of Law is to advance the understanding and the development of law and prepare students to achieve professional success and personal satisfaction through leadership and service to others. The School of Law is guided by the Jesuit tradition of academic excellence, freedom of inquiry and respect for individual differences. The programs of Saint Louis University are open to all without regard to race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status. All University policies, practices and procedures are administered in a manner consistent with our Catholic, Jesuit identity. Programs and activities located in facilities not easily accessible to disabled persons will be made accessible through relocation or other means, upon request. Though the program at Saint Louis University School of Law is rigorous, our school provides an avenue for achieving success in learning the law. Academic Support Services provides students with the assistance and support they need as they enter and progress through law school. There are four ways to take advantage of the program. First, throughout the year, Academic Support Services presents various workshops on areas of interest to incoming students. How to take Socratic notes, learning to outline, establishing discussion groups, and exam taking tips are but a sample of the topics that will be covered. In addition, students can check out Academic Support’s website to find valuable advice and other helpful links. The Writing Advisor is available for advice and assistance on improving written work. Finally, students are always welcome to meet individually or in small groups to discuss academic issues. Accessibility is important to all of us here at the School of Law, and technology is just one of the many ways we help our students keep current with all that we have to offer. Throughout the law school’s history (when we opened in 1843, we were the first law school west of the Mississippi) things have only improved. Now, over one and a half centuries later, Saint Louis University School of Law boasts an impressive faculty, whose scholarly achievements and dedication to the field of law are astounding. They publish in a variety of national and international publications and are often called upon by the media to provide expert advice on a particular area of legal study. We have an outstanding nationally recognized health law program, and our professors in the Center for Health Law Studies receive numerous awards, work with major health care organizations and are frequently cited in authoritative publications for their scholarship in the field of health law. In turn, students at the School benefit from working under such highly regarded individuals, and that benefit is seen in the impressive work they do following graduation. In addition to our wonderful faculty and renowned programs, our location in the middle of a bustling urban setting offers our students unparalleled access to all of the top law firms, corporations, government offices and non-profit organizations. We help our students gain access to all of the best legal opportunities in the community, including experience working directly with St. Louis’ indigent population. At the Legal Clinics, students learn from dedicated professors — whose persistence recently helped thousands of Medicaid recipients obtain dental and optical assistance — assisting community organizations and practicing real law in court and in the offices of the Clinics. Whether through the extensive courses we offer, personalized interaction with professors, direct exposure to clients through participation in practical skills training courses, involvement in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, guest speakers from the legal world, and peers, who have participated in externships, clerked for judges and have been summer associates at area law firms, students at the School of Law will have a variety of opportunities throughout their academic career to determine the area of law into which they wish to enter. During their first year, full-time students are required to take a set of core courses that provide a comprehensive understanding of the law. After the foundational course requirements have been satisfied, students are then able to select courses from more than 150 hours of electives. For part-time students, core courses are required during the first four semesters. With a curriculum designed to engender a sense of community through individual instruction and group study, students are brought closer to the profession by professors who have an unwavering respect for the law and a desire to find new ways of communicating its foundational principles. Our faculty members are published authors, nationally recognized experts in their field, and are armed with a deep and impassioned commitment to the teaching of law. As an institution that prides itself on educating “men and women for others,” Saint Louis University has always believed in the importance of service. From the moment a student walks through the door on their first day of classes, to the time they walk across the stage at hooding, they become aware of the unique opportunities they have to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether representing children and adults in family court matters, prosecuting criminal cases, serving as clerks for judges, working in corporate offices or assisting the homeless and elderly, participation in the Legal Clinics helps students gain practical experience while providing valuable legal services to low-income families, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Throughout the metropolitan area and its surrounding localities, incredible opportunities abound. The Thomas Eagleton Courthouse, the St. Louis Family Courts and The Missouri Court of Appeals are just a few examples of the kinds of places students receive training. There is also a diverse representation of law firms and corporate environments, providing students with that extra degree of confidence that tells them they are experiencing the best of what the city has to offer — legal and otherwise. Clinical opportunities are generally available to students after they complete all first year course requirements. Full-time faculty members with many years of experience in the practice of law supervise in-house clinical opportunities. Experienced practicing attorneys or judges supervise students in externships, with additional supervision from full-time faculty.

School name:Saint Louis UniversitySchool of Law
Address:3700 Lindell Blvd.
Zip & city:MO 63108 Missouri

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