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Gonzaga University (School of Law)

Gonzaga is committed to building a vibrant, diverse community that welcomes all regardless of religion, race, color, national origin, heritage, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital or veteran status, or disability.

There's much more to learning the law than just coursework, research, and textbooks. At Gonzaga University School of Law, we approach your education from a different perspective. We want you to experience the law firsthand.

We offer a rigorous, personalized education that demands attention, involvement, and commitment.

Our Mission : To provide an excellent legal education informed by our humanistic, Jesuit, and Catholic traditions and values.

Our Vision : To instill in our graduates the ethical values, substantive knowledge, and practical skills they need to become effective advocates and compassionate counselors.
As a humanistic institution, we recognize the essential role of human creativity, intelligence, and initiative in the construction of society and culture.
As a Jesuit institution, we are committed to educating the whole person to serve the public good, to engaging in a dialogue with all cultures and religious or ethical traditions, and to pursuing justice.
As a Catholic institution, we believe laws and legal institutions are subject to a moral order that transcends human whim and caprice. As a law school, we are committed to a healthy and respectful environment of free intellectual inquiry and exchange, and the protection of freedom of thought.

At Gonzaga University School of Law, expect to conduct a rigorous and thorough examination of the law. Expect to read it, study it, analyze it, pull it apart, and piece it back together.
Expect to put what you've learned into practice.

From our nationally recognized research and writing program, to joint degree and concentration offerings, Gonzaga University School of Law's aim is to provide graduates with the practical and essential skills the law demands.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect at GU School of Law:
* Legal Research and Writing Program - ranked 12th nationally by US News & World Report
* Gonzaga Center for Law and Justice, Clinical Program - one of the first of its kind in the United States
* Concentrations and Joint Degrees
* Public Service Focus
* Thomas More Program

Gonzaga's curriculum is firmly rooted in the theory and practice of law. Classes emphasize the link between legal doctrine and practical application. Students benefit from a wide variety of course offerings and the ability to design a flexible schedule.

We offer specialized areas of concentration, as well as joint degree programs. Click on the links to the left to learn more about these specialized programs at GU School of Law.

First Year Curriculum : Required courses include:
* Torts
* Property
* Contracts
* Civil Procedures
* Criminal Law
* Constitution Law
* Legal Research and Writing

Second and Third Year Curriculum : Upon completion of the first year required courses, many electives are available.

Areas of Concentration : The School of Law offers three areas of concentration. A concentration is not required for graduation, but each area of study fulfills a specific need especially appropriate to law in the 21st Century.
* Each concentration requires students to take 18-20 credits in the area
* A 3.0 GPA must be maintained in concentration courses
* A directed research project must be completed

The Gonzaga Center for Law and Justice, often referred to as "The Clinic," is a medium-sized public service law firm located within Gonzaga University School of Law.

* The Clinic is run by six faculty members, support staff, and approximately forty law students.
* Clinical experience applies academics to legal practice, and is modeled after a general practice law firm.
* Emphasis is on family law, elder law, civil rights, disability rights, and criminal defense.
* The Clinic has been given the Charles Goldmark Distinguished Service Award from the Legal Foundation of Washington (1995), and the Emil Gumpert Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Trial Advocacy (1994), and has been recognized by the American College of Trial Lawyers.

In a clinical setting, students address a client's legal needs, preparing all written documentation, from letters to pleadings.

* Students are empowered to negotiate and appear in court on the client's behalf.
* Student lawyers address a client's legal needs by preparing all written documentation, from letters to pleadings.
* Students develop basic competencies in client counseling and advising, case fact investigation, and legal negotiations.
* Students conduct all the various phases of trial and appellate work, and mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods.
* All of this is done under the direct supervision of experienced faculty and supervising attorneys.

Gonzaga's Clinical Law Program includes off-campus externships and externships at the Gonzaga Center for Law and Justice, the on-campus public service law office.

* The program offers upper-division students the opportunity to learn by actually practicing law under the close supervision of veteran attorneys.
* These hands-on apprenticeships are a challenging and rewarding way to gain real-world experience.

Gonzaga's Jesuit tradition fosters student-professor interaction both inside and outside the classroom.
Gonzaga's professors are accomplished scholars and practitioners of law, who see their work with students as their primary focus and obligation.
Professors keep regular office hours.
They meet frequently with students outside of class and attend school social functions.
Gonzaga's faculty are committed to training students in the tradition of public service, social justice, and ethical practice.

At Gonzaga University School of Law, service to students is a priority. The School of Law is a vibrant hub of activity, alive with discussions, meetings, lectures, and quiet, purposeful work. Gonzaga offers a long list of student-run caucuses, associations, and publications, all of which explore the law, make it relevant, and bring it to life.

School name:Gonzaga UniversitySchool of Law
Address:721 N Cincinnati St.
Zip & city:WA 99202 Washington

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