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St. Mary's University (School of Law)

St. Mary’s University is an independent Catholic institution based in the rich tradition of the Society of Mary. As a community of faith recognizing the contributions of all persons, including members of other religions and of no religious faith, the University is a special place for reflection, dialogue, research, service, and teaching.

St. Mary’s University School of Law is committed to educational excellence. The law school seeks to instill in its students a knowledge of, and loyalty to, principles that should be the basis of any legal system. Knowledge of the law is essential to the education of a lawyer, but it is only a starting point.

The practice of law is a profession committed to public service. Because of this commitment to public service, the legal profession calls for profound moral and intellectual commitments and qualifications in its members. The law school, through its clinics and other community projects, offers students the means to exemplify these commitments and qualifications by service to our local, national, and international communities, as well as opportunities to develop and use their legal skills in the service of individuals in need.

Faculty members are keenly aware that they must strive to ensure that the school’s graduates are fully equipped to promote, ethically and compassionately, the cause of justice. In order to fulfill its mission, the law school offers a rich program of legal study, encourages faculty and student scholarly writing, and nurtures an intellectually lively and culturally diverse environment. The law school offers an intellectual experience that prepares its graduates to work for the good of all members of the human family.

At St. Mary's University, we combine our tradition of excellence in legal education with new programs and methodologies that prepare our students for the practice of law in a changing world. St. Mary's teaches its students the practical skills and habits of mind that enable them to become professional leaders and effective advocates of legal and social justice.

The three-year experience at St. Mary’s University School of Law can be likened to that of building a house. During your first year, you lay the foundation of learning—how to study, how to retain information, and how to manage your time.
In the second year, you begin to plan what the details will look like—what particular areas you’re interested in, how you will focus on them, and how you may expand on them.

During your third year, it all comes together. You’ll discover the many ways in which distinct areas of law intersect. You’ll find innovative ways to put the knowledge you’ve gained to work in practical settings. And you’ll reflect with friends and colleagues on the hard work and dedication it has taken to build something so durable, so extensive, so admirable, and so personally rewarding.

The study of law is not only dynamic, it is also integrated and interwoven with layers of knowledge from a broad range of specific fields and disciplines. As a successful lawyer, you will need a solid foundation in those areas to skillfully navigate the complex daily issues that arise in a professional legal setting. At St. Mary’s, you will gain a comprehensive foundation in six key areas upon which
everything else you do will be built. These include…
• Persons and property
• Employment and business
• Public and international law
• Dispute resolution
• Research and writing
• Philosophy of law

The hallmark of a St. Mary’s education is personalization and excellence in achievement. Through small class sizes, compelling instruction, and a highly gifted and engaging faculty, you will become a valued member of a tradition of excellence that spans nearly 80 years.
At St. Mary’s today, this excellence continues with your
opportunity to concentrate in some of the most
enlightening fields of 21st-century law, including:
• Advocacy Law
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Criminal Law
• International and Comparative Law
• Public Interest Law
• Terrorism Law

The development of practical, real-world litigation skills in a courtroom setting is a crucial element of the St. Mary’s experience. This belief is affirmed every day through the actions and accomplishments of our highly respected
advocacy teams. Our advocacy teams provide an ideal environment for you to develop and polish the courtroom skills that are the hallmark of any great lawyer. At the same time, you will join a St. Mary’s legacy that is consistently recognized for competitive excellence on a regional and national level.

St. Mary’s also offers students the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Advocacy Law, which is awarded to graduating students who successfully complete a significant and balanced course of study in the procedural, substantive and practical aspects of advocacy.

Our nationally recognized Center for Legal and Social Justice offers St. Mary’s students two critical ways to enhance their total law school education. They gain invaluable, hands-on legal experience through representing San Antonio’s indigent and disadvantaged citizens in actual cases. And they provide segments of the city’s population with a strong, talented, pro bono
resource for legal assistance. St. Mary’s clinical legal education program encompasses three areas of concentration:
• Civil Justice
• Criminal Justice
• Immigration and Human Rights

You will find St. Mary’s alumni administering justice in courtrooms across America—at every level, in any field. You will have access to an expansive array of judicial settings that rely on St. Mary’s for motivated, talented interns. These include:
• Texas Court of Appeals for the Fourth Judicial District
• Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
• U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas
• U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth District
• U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas
• U.S. Magistrate Court for the Western District of Texas

As a student at St. Mary’s University School of Law, you will take advantage of all of the resources provided by a Law Center which is composed of five separate buildings, each unique in service.
The Law Center, which includes the Law Classroom Building, the Law Administration Building, the Ernest A. Raba Law Building for faculty, and the award-winning Sarita Kenedy East Law Library, forms a campus within the University campus. St. Mary’s University, in a
suburban setting minutes away from downtown San Antonio, provides the ideal setting to accommodate students in an excellent yet enjoyable physical environment in which to study and learn. The campus is well landscaped and law school parking is only steps away from the classroom. In addition, the fifth law
school building—the Center for Legal and Social Justice—provides clinical opportunities for St. Mary’s students and occupies its own site and adjoining parking lot only blocks away from the Law Center. Extremely affordable housing exists in several directions from campus, and the Medical Center is only minutes away with a variety of apartment offerings, popular housing
options for law and medical students.

Sarita Kenedy East Law Library
This impressive, 62,000-square-foot facility will offer you all of the academic, professional and online resources you need. With 17 conference rooms, three computer centers, a word processing center for legal research and writing, a videoconferencing center, a rare book room, two multimedia classrooms, the newest
technology and online legal research tools, more than 340,000 volumes, and an array of legal documents from the United Nations, you will be within arm’s length of any resource you need to achieve success. In addition, the
law library’s videoconferencing center allows St. Mary’s students to engage in legal discourse with students at other schools and in other countries, a powerful resource for our international studies programs.

Law Classroom Building and Moot Courtroom
The contemporary interior of this building, adjacent to the law school courtyard, provides you with the ideal setting for your scholarly pursuits. With four attractive, ampitheater-style classrooms, and walls that retract electronically to form a large auditorium, you will find that
the Law Classroom Building adapts to the needs of students—whether for small classes, lectures or symposia. This building also houses St. Mary’s Moot Court, a model courtroom that currently replicates those you would expect to find at the highest levels of professional practice. However, in St. Mary’s continuing
pursuit of excellence, it is in the process of being restored and remodeled to include the technological advancements necessary to equip St. Mary’s students with the skills and experience to deliver premium performance in any courtroom of the future. The Moot Court hosts visitors and moot court competitions every year.

At St. Mary’s, we measure our success by the
achievements of our students and graduates. As such, we place a significant emphasis on providing our students with the highest quality career services, assistance and programs. Whether they are pursuing a career in law, business, politics or any other professional field, students benefit from one-to-one guidance even from their first year on the St. Mary’s University School of Law campus. As a result, we have a long and proud record of enabling motivated students to expand their professional limits.
The Career Services Office provides a wide array of resources for students, including online job and résumé banks, employer job postings, a weekly e-newsletter, job search strategy assistance, personal and professional strength assessments, career services programming handouts, and connections to clerkships, fellowships, associate positions and other postgraduate
opportunities. Twice each year we host representatives from law firms, businesses, government and organizations who come to interview students on campus. We also collect and mail student résumés to other legal employers all over the United States.

Surrounded by the 135-acre campus and bustling activities of St. Mary’s University—itself a top-ranked university by U.S. News & World Report—St. Mary’s law students benefit from a wide range of resources provided by the university as a whole. They take pride in the university community, and engage vigorously in supporting a dozen intercollegiate athletic programs,
intramurals and the Gold and Blue spirit that permeates the entire campus community. As a result, law students and faculty form an integral part of the university community. They share a mutual pursuit of excellence in
the classroom and the application of their advanced skills for superior performance in the courtroom.

Although the St. Mary’s student body is comprised of people of all ages and ethnicities, at very different stages in life, they are uniquely unified in spirit. They form study groups together. They lean on and support
each other. They debate with one another. They challenge each other’s ideas and respect each other’s perspectives. And they celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

School name:St. Mary's UniversitySchool of Law
Address:One Camino Santa Maria
Zip & city:TX 78228 Texas

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