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University of Maine (School of Law)

The University of Maine School of Law is a wonderful and distinctive place in which to study law. The state's only law school - public or private - is distinguished by the excellence of its students, faculty, and graduates. Situated in Portland, Maine the Law School is home to 260 individuals with at least one common characteristic - the desire to learn to be an excellent lawyer amongst a strong and supportive community. Students from a variety of backgrounds are educated through the Juris Doctor program, providing the public and private sectors with outstanding members of the legal profession.

Maine Law is, by design, one of the smallest law schools in the country. Our size allows for a rich educational atmosphere and remarkable sense of community. Close student/faculty interaction is fostered.

Students are challenged with a solid core curriculum taught by a first-rate faculty. They take advantage of the Law School's strengths in business and commercial law, environmental and marine law, intellectual property and technology law, international law, clinical programs, and trial advocacy. Students actively participate in the intellectual and social life of the school through scholarly journals, student organizations, trial and moot court competitions, and in the community at large through public service initiatives.

We take seriously our responsibility as a public institution. Students help to advance the economic and social well being of Maine through our extensive clinical programs, externships, and summer public interest fellowships. Hence, each Maine Law graduate brings a sense of public service into his/her career.

Maine Law is committed to: educational and scholarly excellence; justice and the public interest; maintaining a strong core curriculum for students; fostering a supportive, inclusive, and respectful academic community; professionalism, integrity, and high ethical standards; and
serving as a resource for the entire state and the region.

We offer students the opportunity to study law in a humane and personalized environment, and to be prepared for success in today's global economy. Graduates excel in a wide variety of careers in both the private and public sectors; in the U.S. and abroad.

Your classmates share your enthusiasm for legal studies, and they are a fascinating, distinctive group of individuals. The average age of entering students is 28-30 years old. Some come to the University of Maine School of Law directly from college; others come with extensive backgrounds in the private and public sectors. Over fifty undergraduate colleges are represented in each class, including many of the finest colleges and universities in the country.

Students gain valuable experience and make important associations with members of the profession. The extracurricular life of students includes the Student Bar Association, and the opportunity for participation in a wide variety of student organizations.

Volunteer activities are also part of University of Maine School of Law life for a great many of our students. Among the activities which enable students to fulfill a voluntary standard of 80 pro bono hours are work for the Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project, the Courthouse Assistance Project, Maine Pretrial Services, and as guardians ad litem for children in cases of suspected abuse or neglect under Maine's Court Appointed Special Advocates Program.

The three-year curriculum is intensive and challenging. It is both broad and general in nature, offering courses in subjects as diverse as international business transactions and environmental law, as well as traditional core courses. The underlying purpose of the curriculum is to give students a solid foundation in legal analysis and practical lawyering skills that will serve them well in any field they choose to pursue.

Our faculty bring a wide range of experience to the classroom, and are noted for their exceptional ability as teachers. They are graduates of Boston University, Chicago, Columbia, Georgetown, George Washington, Harvard, IIT, Illinois, Maine, New York University, Notre Dame, Suffolk, Virginia, Wisconsin and Yale Law Schools. Before our faculty began teaching, they were judicial clerks, private practitioners, government attorneys, and research scholars. Many continue to serve as advisors to legislative, judicial and professional bodies and as members of government commissions. Their research spans matters of state, national, and international interest.

Maine Law prepares its graduates for a wide variety of careers in law, business, government and public service. Areas of special curricular strength include business and commercial law, marine law, trial advocacy and international law.

Respect for public service is especially strong at Maine. The need to serve the abused, impoverished, and accused of our society and to make government work is great. Although law may be an avenue to personal wealth for some, we believe that all law trained men and women, whatever their career choices, owe an obligation of public service. Emblematic of our respect is our principal Distinguished Lecture series, the Frank M. Coffin Lecture on Law and Public Service, which in recent years had brought to the Law School inspiring public servants including Eliot Spitzer, New York State Attorney General, former U.S. Solicitor General Drew Days and former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich.

Portland, Maine is a splendid community in which to study law -- whether you choose to stay in Maine, or go elsewhere after graduation as many of our graduates do. Maine offers a legal, governmental and business community on a human scale. During your time at Maine Law, you will likely have an opportunity to meet the Chief Justice, the Governor, members of the Congressional delegation, along with leaders of the bar and various civic and business organizations. Each year, for example, the finalists in our School's Moot Court competition argue their cases before all of the justices of the State's highest court.

Maine is a school that gives you the chance to develop talents inside and outside the classroom. We offer a rich array of co-curricular activities -- scholarly journals, trial and moot court competitions, student organizations, public interest causes. Our small size provides more students with a greater number of opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

The University of Maine School of Law, the only law school, public or private, in Maine, offers an intensive and challenging legal education. The Maine Law curriculum integrates theory with practice in an intimate learning setting. Our students come from a wide array of backgrounds and together with the faculty create a vibrant and intellectually stimulating educational experience. We're dedicated to cultivating one's legal expertise and the professional skills and values needed for successful practice in today's global society.

Maine Law enrolls a highly capable student body of about 260 students divided equally over three classes. The students include graduates of many of the most distinguished private undergraduate institutions in New England, the University of Maine System, other public and private colleges and universities throughout the United States, and international institutions. The School of Law prepares these students to serve as practicing lawyers, judges, legislators, regulators, and business and government executives in Maine, New England, and nationally.

The School of Law offers a curriculum covering substantive legal doctrine in basic core subjects (such as torts, contracts, property, legal ethics, taxation, wills and trusts), advanced subjects of general interest (such as alternative dispute resolution, bankruptcy law, environmental law, and intellectual property) and specialized areas of particular regional interest (such as marine law and Canadian law). At the same time the School emphasizes the development of a repertory of skills needed to function in the world of law, including legal analysis and reasoning, oral and written advocacy, fact investigation, negotiation, counseling, and drafting. The School of Law offers both traditional courses and clinical opportunities to assist students in developing these skills. In all of its educational endeavors, the School seeks to teach students to think more deeply, more accurately, and more precisely.

The School of Law takes advantage of its small size by encouraging student involvement in the School's array of co-curricular activities. It also supports a high level of student-faculty interaction both inside and outside the classroom. Many second and third year classes allow close faculty supervision of student work.

Members of the Law School community are expected to engage in scholarly and professional dialogue. Faculty members contribute in their areas of expertise regionally, nationally, and internationally. The faculty's commitment is evidenced by books, articles, and other publications, as well as by the involvement of individual faculty members in professional organizations, such as the Maine Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the American Law Institute, and the International Bar Association. Fulfilling its role as Maine's law school, the School prepares much of the legal scholarship that focuses on the legal system and the practice of law in Maine. Law students publish the Maine Law Review and the pop]law696.aspx')">Ocean and Coastal Law Journal.

A significant part of the School's mission is to provide service to Maine and its citizens. The faculty and the students serve the State of Maine in many ways. As part of its educational program, the School runs the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic, a major legal service provider to low-income clients, the Marine Law Institute, the Center for Law & Innovation, the Maine Patent Program, and Maine's largest public-access law library. Members of the faculty draft court and bar rules, assist with major law reform projects, prepare special studies for governmental and nonprofit entities, and serve on public boards and in other special governmental roles.

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