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John F. Kennedy University (School of Law)

John F. Kennedy University School of Law offers accredited four-year day and evening programs leading to the degree of Juris Doctor (JD). The program is designed for people who want to study law while meeting family responsibilities and professional commitments. The School of Law has two entering classes each year - Fall and Spring/Midyear. Fall enrollment for first-year students begins with an Introduction to Law course that starts in July. Students entering in the Midyear class begin Introduction to Law in January.

The School of Law, however, offers more than the fundamental elements of practice. Central to the school's philosophy is the belief that a comprehensive legal education should challenge the student to examine the legal process in its wider political, social and economic contexts. Students are encouraged to reach a more comprehensive understanding of the role that the law and lawyers play in achieving social justice.

Social justice, leadership, community -- these interrelated concepts are at the heart of a legal education at John F. Kennedy University. JFKU School of Law endorses the philosophy that a comprehensive legal education not only should prepare you for professional success, but also should teach you about the law's role in advancing social justice.

At the JFKU School of Law leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. This principle one of John F. Kennedy's closely held beliefs provides both inspiration and guidance to us as legal educators. To that end, JFKU has created a place where people with professional and personal commitments can attend law school part-time, receive individual attention from professors, and collaborate in a community that promotes intellectual growth and proficiency in the practice of law. Here are some facts to consider about JFKU as you explore your legal education options:

Classes are small, and the teaching style is collaborative and active. Because no class has more than 40 students, you can expect to be fully engaged in class discussions. As a result, you will develop strong relationships with faculty members who are willing to exchange ideas, assist you academically and support your development as a legal professional.

The culture is cooperative and collegial. As a new student you will be assigned a student mentor and a faculty advisor, and you will have access to our robust academic support program.

Our faculty consists of full-time professors and working professionals with outstanding records as lawyers and judges. Our teacher-practitioners bring the most up-to-date professional perspectives to class and mentor students beyond the classroom.

An "Introduction to Law" class taken in advance of your first semester develops your confidence and skills by providing an in-depth entrée to legal studies, including class preparation, legal analysis, and legal writing.

The culture and climate at JFKU is conducive to diversity and learning for people of all backgrounds. Our law student body is one of the most diverse in California and closely mirrors the population at large. About 40 percent of our students are racial/ethnic minorities and about 60 percent are women.

Our curriculum emphasizes the development of legal analysis and writing skills - skills which are essential to your success in law school, the bar exam and legal practice.

In the course of our extensive clinical program, you can gain real-world legal experience in our new Elder Law Clinic and through placements in law offices, government agencies and the courts. These experiences will teach you practical lawyering skills, expose you to a valuable professional network, and provide you a chance to engage in valuable public interest work.

School name:John F. Kennedy UniversitySchool of Law
Address:100 Ellinwood Way
Zip & city:CA 94523 California

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