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Creighton University (School of Law)

Creighton University School of Law is a Jesuit Catholic institution. Located in Omaha, Nebraska in view of the Missouri River and the Loess Hills, Creighton has educated aspiring attorneys in the theory, practice and ethics of lawyering for over 100 years. Consistent with its mission, the Law School's motto is "educating for service and justice," which means that our goal is to produce attorneys who not only meticulously care for their clients' needs, but also recognize their own over-arching duty to the profession and society at large.

Today, Dean Patrick Borchers leads a faculty of 25 full-time professors who are experts and published authors in their fields and who are dedicated to training Creighton's future attorneys. And the electricity at Creighton is definitely on; physically manifested in updated fiberoptic dataports throughout classrooms, conference rooms, and every chair in the Law Library, and emotionally manifested in the excitement at Creighton – which is truly reflective of a school on the move.

The 480 law students at Creighton are among the best in the nation. Drawn from over 40 states, 7 foreign countries and 165 undergraduate institutions, they move into judicial clerkships and jobs at top law firms in Omaha, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Kansas City and beyond. With three fully functioning courtrooms and a newly remodeled state-of-the-art wireless technology Law Library, students leave Creighton prepared to enter practice and succeed. Anchored in its humble beginnings a century ago, Creighton has emerged as a leader in Catholic legal education and is moving forward boldly into the 21st Century. In 2005 alone, Creighton inaugurated the Werner Institute for Negotiation & Dispute Resolution which was funded by a $4 million gift, hosted Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who taught a supreme court seminar to second and third-year students, and was awarded a federal grant by the United States Agency for International Development to develop a model for a future, post-Castro bilateral U.S.-Cuba Property Claims Settlement Tribunal.

Creighton is one of fourteen Jesuit Catholic law schools in the U.S. One out of every ten American law students is enrolled in a Jesuit law school. Situated primarily in urban centers, these schools were traditionally among the first to provide women and minorities access to high-quality legal education. With a reputation for rigorous study, Jesuit law schools value the pursuit of academic excellence and preparation for public service.

Three years after its founding, Creighton's Law School was granted full accreditation to the Association of American Law Schools in 1907, becoming the second religiously-affiliated law school (along with Georgetown) to achieve accreditation in the AALS. In 1924, Creighton, St. Louis, and Georgetown became the first religiously-affiliated law schools to be accredited by the new American Bar Association.

Like all Jesuit schools, Creighton adheres to the tradition of cura personalis, Latin for care of the whole person. Cura Personalis has been a hallmark of Jesuit education since it was culled from the Ratio Studiorum in 1599 – the first treatise of the Order on academics. Basically, for the mind to flourish and intellectual curiosity to thrive, the person must develop as a whole. In practice, this means that professors spend more time with students, counseling them, cajoling them, and challenging them to go farther than they think they can. The faculty does not hold office hours. They have an open-door policy. Students are welcome to come visit, ask questions, test theories, or just chat. Creighton can achieve this because it decided to be a small, highly interactive law school. Consequently, students are not a number to us; they are people.

The School of Law is an integral part of Creighton University, providing professional legal education within the framework of a Jesuit University committed to a comprehensive and value-centered education. The faculty of the School believes these commitments are compatible. The School offers a curriculum designed to produce ethical lawyers who will zealously and competently represent clients within the bounds of law and, at the same time, recognize their duty to improve society.

The Law School seeks to attract a talented and diverse student body, to offer the opportunity for a legal education to a wide range of individuals dedicated to service in the law. Students are prepared for practice in the traditional law firm structure as well as in the many other settings where a legal education can play an important role.

The interests and talents of the Law School faculty are varied, but all faculty members are committed to excellence in teaching, research and community service. The curriculum presents theory and practice, historical context and modern interpretation, case study and problem solving. The faculty is committed to continuous review of course offerings to ensure an array of classes and techniques which examine the ever-changing nature of legal practice. Large classes, seminars and advocacy skills workshops are all offered. Research is encouraged to augment classroom instruction and to facilitate a clearer understanding of complex legal problems among scholars and practitioners.

Creighton’s Law faculty is particularly sensitive to the need to serve the Bar, the judiciary and the public, since the Law School is the only law school in Omaha, an urban area with a population of more than half a million people. To that end, the Law School has traditionally offered continuing legal education programs and has recruited many local attorneys as adjunct faculty.

Our mission, then, is to provide the men and women of our student body intellectual challenge, academic rigor and an opportunity to develop a foundation of moral values for lifelong service in the law, to offer an environment to our faculty which encourages personal growth and scholarly achievement and to continue our long-established tradition of service to the Bar and citizens of the community.

Creighton Law School provides a quality education which begins with the selection of a diverse, motivated, and accomplished student body. Each application to the Law School receives the personal attention of the Admissions Committee. Final selection of applicants to be admitted is made by the Admissions Committee, which reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant for any lawful reason.

School name:Creighton UniversitySchool of Law
Address:2500 California Plaza
Zip & city:NE 68178 Nebraska
Phone:402-280 - 2872

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