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Oklahoma City University (School of Law)

One of the goals of this law school is to conduct its affairs as an integral part of the legal profession. I know of no law school that has closer relationships with the bar and the judiciary. These relationships provide direct educational benefits to our current students, offer opportunities for professional service for our faculty, and create confidence and pride among our alumni.

At OCU LAW, we realize that, while legal education consists of an academic program in a university setting, it is also intended to prepare its graduates to enter a profession – a profession with a rich history, distinct values, and important responsibilities. By involving the bar and judiciary in the educational experience our students receive, we hasten their assimilation into the profession. At the same time, we stimulate reflection and assessment on the part of the members of the profession who become involved in our programs.

This engagement with the profession generates a special kind of energy for our law school that directly benefits our students and alumni. It reflects our emerging repuation as a law school that is uncommonly committed to improving the legal profession and being an active participant in it.

Oklahoma City University School of Law prepares students to become responsible professionals through a rigorous program of instruction that focuses on students’ intellectual and professional development and enables them to become leaders in law, business, government, and civic life; and contributes to the improvement of law and legal institutions through research and scholarship.

Oklahoma City University School of Law, a private, church-related institution serving a diverse student body, aspires to be a premier law school in the South Central United States with respect to:

* a rigorous foundational program of legal education
informed by the intellectual perspectives of the
liberal arts tradition;
* programs in areas of special expertise, including
alternative dispute resolution, business law, Native
American law and government, and state
constitutional law and government;
* close interaction between faculty and students that
fosters intellectual and professional growth;
* the training of lawyers for leadership in law,
business, government, and civic life;
* scholarship and research that advances the
understanding of law and its role in society; and
* leadership in improvement of the law and legal

Oklahoma City University School of Law is guided by the following core beliefs and values:

Academic Excellence: We believe that a law school dedicated to excellence will enable each student to acquire the critical and analytical skills, broad base of knowledge, and capacity to communicate effectively required to be a responsible professional. We believe that the foundation for excellence in education is a rigorous curriculum that exposes students to both fundamental legal concepts and the various intellectual disciplines necessary for understanding law and its place in society; develops the skills of critical reading and discussion; requires extensive training in writing and speaking; and provides the opportunity both to study legal doctrines in depth and gain practical experiences in practicum and externship classes. A commitment to academic excellence includes a commitment by the faculty and the school to the faculty’s intellectual development, as manifested in scholarship, the development of innovative teaching materials and techniques, and other scholarly activities. Students must also commit themselves to the development of their intellectual capacities, as manifested in active class participation, research and writing, oral presentations in courtroom and other settings, and other academic activities.

Personal and Intensive Attention: We believe that an excellent education can only be achieved if all members of the law school community take seriously the academic enterprise and are committed to providing a professional environment supporting the students’ educational development. Such a commitment requires the direct personal involvement of each member of the law school community in creating that supportive environment.

Professionalism: We believe that a commitment to professionalism is an integral part of legal education. We seek to develop students’ intellectual abilities, to inculcate the values and work habits typically associated with responsible professionals, and to inspire professionally responsible behavior and decision making. We pursue these goals through instruction and training in professional responsibility, externship and practicum classes, participation in the mediation system, and the leadership of faculty, administration, and alumni. We seek to create a law school community in which every member consciously cultivates professional and ethical behavior.

Service to the Legal Community: We believe that the law school provides service to the legal community and fosters justice and public service through scholarship, research, professional activities, and the creation of a rich intellectual environment disseminating knowledge about the law, legal process, and the legal system. We further believe that legal education requires that students sharpen their knowledge, develop their skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the role of the lawyer in society by participating in externships, mediations, and volunteer legal activities.

Diversity of Experience and Viewpoint: We believe that legal education requires the consideration of a variety of views and the participation of both students and faculty with diverse backgrounds. We therefore seek to provide an opportunity for legal education to those who have the intellectual ability and personal potential for success in the practice of law, through a fair and non-discriminatory selection process. We seek to hire, promote, develop, and retain a diverse faculty and staff, supporting high standards of teaching and scholarship, in accordance with principles of non-discrimination.

Student Success and Welfare: We believe that an important part of legal education is the acquisition of the non-academic knowledge, skills, and experience that provide a foundation for professional success. Our location in a state capital and regional business center provides unique opportunities for our students to participate in a vibrant legal community and develop the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in that community and elsewhere.

Oklahoma City University School of Law pursues these beliefs and values by providing the following:

* a rigorous academic program providing a foundation in legal concepts, an understanding of the various intellectual disciplines relevant to law and its place in society, and training in professional skills, values, and work habits;
* special curricular offerings providing extended opportunities to explore select areas of the law in greater depth;
* a variety of programs bringing together students, faculty, and members of the legal community to advance knowledge of the law, legal process, and the legal system;
* extracurricular programs encouraging students to develop leadership, professional, and other skills; and
* faculty development activities encouraging research and scholarship contributing to the improvement of the law and the legal system.

OCU LAW's faculty members are renowned for their scholarship and innovative and dedicated teaching. They are the foundation of the law school's reputation as a center for the study of law and legal institutions, and for training the next generation of leaders of the bar and bench.

OCU LAW's specialized centers provide opportunities to explore a wide range of interests and hone your legal research and writing skills, including the Alternative Dispute Resolution Center, Native American Legal Resource Center, and Center on State Constitutional Law and Government. The school also offers externships at a variety of placement sites, including the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office, Oklahoma County Public Defender's Office, Oklahoma Indian Legal Services, the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Oklahoma, and Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma.

The OCU Law Library is open 102 hours per week with 80 hours staffed by professional librarians. This expansive operating schedule is matched by an unusually accessible professional library staff that includes five librarians with J.D. degrees.

School name:Oklahoma City UniversitySchool of Law
Address:2501 N. Blackwelder
Zip & city:OK 73106 Oklahoma

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