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New York University (School of Law)

New York University School of Law is the preeminent global law school featuring innovative teaching, research, and intellectual and professional development in a uniquely collegial environment. Like our great city, NYU School of Law is a "melting pot" of legal scholars and practitioners, economists, social scientists, and representatives of the innovation industries. Working side-by-side with our students, these leaders shape the debate on the issues of the day. By perusing this section of our Web site prospective students can gain insight into the breadth and depth of our institution.

NYU Law is particularly strong in criminal law, environmental law, corporate law, international law and tax law, and offers many courses in these areas. It also offers arguably the most well-respected LL.M. in taxation. Many top tax attorneys and professors hold NYU degrees.

In 2005, NYU Law entered into an agreement with the Osgoode Hall Law School of York University, in Toronto, Canada, that will allow select students to obtain a joint-Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) and JD, studying at both schools, in four years. This program will begin in the fall of 2006 and will accommodate 10-20 students per year. New York University School of Law and the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law have also created a dual degree program.
NYU Law also hosts the original chapter of the Unemployment Action Center.

NYU's newest building, located on West Third Street between Sullivan and Thompson, was opened on January 22, 2004 and is named for a successful alumnus and donor, Jay Furman. It connects to Vanderbilt Hall through the law library, part of which is underneath Sullivan street. The underground level also hosts the lawyering faculty. Floors one-three have classrooms, lounges, and study space. The fourth floor hosts the career counseling program, and the fifth and sixth floors house the legal practice clinics. The highest floors, generally inaccessible to non-residents, are luxury apartments for faculty and their families.

The Law School's Main Building, it occupies the entire block between West Third and Washington Square South (West Fourth) and between Macdougal and Sullivan Streets. Part of the first floor as well as the underground floors host the library, which it shares with Furman Hall. The first floor also holds the auditorium, student center, and main banquet hall. The second floor is mostly classrooms, while the third and fourth floors are mostly faculty and dean offices.

Located at 240 Mercer Street, on the southern side of West Third street, adjacent to Broadway, and a couple blocks east of D'Agostino and Vanderbilt, the Mercer residence houses a few hundred students and faculty. Its rooms are slightly more spacious than those in D'Agostino Hall. The seventh floor enjoys a terrace. The basement is home to "Mercer Pub" (a study area that can also be reserved by student groups for social events) and several student-run organizations.

Located at the intersection of West Third Street and MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village, this residence hall houses hundreds of students of the New York University School of Law, plus a very small number of faculty. It is across the street from the backside of the main building of the law school.

The lobby is a double-split-level. Elevators to the apartments are on the highest level; the security desk and Admissions Office are on the street level; and a residents' lounge unofficially known as The Pit is on the lowest level.

One floor beneath The Pit is the sub-basement, home to most of NYU's legal journals. Journal officers have been known to sleep in the sub-basement during busy periods. The second (above-ground)) floor, until 2004, held the school's career services offices. Those offices have been relocated to Furman Hall, so the above-ground floors are now entirely student and faculty housing.

Each August, D'Agostino hosts "Early Interview Week", where more than 350 law firms conduct interviews for summer associate and entry-level associate positions. The top firms in the United States attend the interview session. Interviews are conducted in the temporarily uninhabited apartments.

D'Agostino Hall shares a name with the D'Agostino supermarket chain. The two are not named after the same D'Agostino, although both were noted Manhattan philanthropists. The law building is named after Filomen D'Agostino, one of the first woman lawyers, who graduated in 1920. The grocery chain is named after Nicholas D'Agostino, Sr., an immigrant who founded the store in 1932 at age 22.

Alumni can be found throughout the legal world, filling top positions in prestigious public service law foundations, law firms, businesses, and government organizations.

Of those employed, over 99% of students from the classes of 2001-2004 reported that they were employed with their first or second choice for place of work. The school has also been extremely successful in the placement of its graduates as United States Supreme Court clerks.

School name:New York UniversitySchool of Law
Address:40 Washington Square South
Zip & city:NY 10012 New York

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