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Abraham Lincoln University (School of Law)

Abraham Lincoln University School of Law offers a unique program for the study of law. This program is unlike any other in the United States. We combine traditional law school materials with time-tested teaching techniques to create a truly unique law program. I would like to share with you some highlights of our program and to explain how we differ from traditional law schools. I will explain the advantages that Abraham Lincoln Law School has over most traditional law schools.

Traditional law schools teach by the casebook/Socratic method. This means that students read books with edited cases that they must "brief" and then attend classes where students are called upon to recite their "briefs." A "brief" is a synopsis of a case that generally contains a recitation of the relevant facts, the issue before the court, the relevant rule of law, the analysis by the court and the court’s conclusion. The professor will then make comments and ask the student questions about the case. Very seldom will a professor lecture as to the law or its application or clarify seeming contradictions. Much of the 15-20 hours per week that a law student spends in class is devoted to hearing other students recite briefs with little or no lecture by the professor. And for this the student will pay approximately $24,000 per year (average cost for a full-time student at a private law school).

Although Abraham Lincoln University uses the same casebooks for our classes as those used in most private law schools, our law school does not use the Socratic method. Our law school uses a basic teaching principle, where the student will read their textbooks (casebooks) and either have their lectures and handouts available on the Internet live, archived, or on CDRom. Students who wish may also choose to attend academic support sessions where their learning will be reinforced and clarified by the same lecture and in-class problem solving exercise they can watch over the Internet. Much of the class is devoted to lecture by the professor with adequate time for interaction and questions by the students. Abraham Lincoln University has one three-hour academic support session per week for their students. The sessions are offered at convenient times: first-year classes are held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings (6:30pm- 9:30pm) and Saturday mornings. Students attend only one of these sessions (the Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, and Saturday sessions cover the same material as the Tuesday evening session).

Abraham Lincoln University's academic support sessions enable our law students to receive more class information per week in a single three hour session than most students receive while attending 15-20 hours per week at a traditional law school.As you may surmise, convenience is a factor that brings many students to our law program. We are aware that many people would like to pursue a legal education but are unable to do so because of their commitment to work and/or family. Our law program allows students to receive a quality education with the least amount of wasted time. With academic support sessions available via the Internet, or at convenient days and times in person, our students spend less time fighting traffic and more time studying law.

School name:Abraham Lincoln UniversitySchool of Law
Address:3000 S. Robertson Blvd
Zip & city:CA 934 California
Phone:(310) 202-9999

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