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Mississippi College (School of Law)

Founded in 1826, Mississippi College is the oldest college in Mississippi. The Law School which began its life as the Jackson School of Law in 1930 was acquired by Mississippi College in 1975. Since then, we've grown in size and stature, but we've maintained our purpose: to integrate a theoretical and practical legal education with Christian principles.

MCSOL has become a premier legal center for the South. Teaching is our strength. Our esteemed faculty members are leaders in their areas of scholarship, yet they value the one-on-one personal relationships with students. It's the little things that make all the difference. From extending office hours or serving as advisors to hosting get-togethers for students at their homes, our professors make every effort to get to know each student and to help them succeed personally and professionally.

Situated in the heart of downtown Jackson, we are surrounded by an abundance of work opportunities. Private firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations and large corporations are all within walking distance.

Mississippi College School of Law is known for its caring faculty and staff who have an unusually high degree of interaction with our students. Our resident professors are superbly qualified and are supplemented in specialized areas by an adjunct faculty that includes respected practitioners and judges from the area. Integration of theory and practice is a well-known tradition at our Law School. Our foundational curriculum provides a superior grounding in the law coupled with a wide variety of electives. Opportunities for skill training abound. Our students consistently express their appreciation and satisfaction with their legal education and their law school experience and find themselves well prepared to begin their legal work.

We offer a wonderful educational value -- our tuition is one of the most reasonable for private law schools and we offer generous merit based scholarships. We now have a guaranteed tuition rate that will not increase during the three years of Law School. Our "whole person" admissions process does more than index LSAT scores and GPA and considers factors such as character, life experiences, drive, and leadership.

Our nationally-recognized Law Library has a collection of more than 300,000 volumes and provides the latest information necessary to support the Law School's curriculum and the scholarly activities of the students and faculty. The law library staff assists students and faculty with locating pertinent information by using the latest technology. It is a member of the American Association of Law Libraries and is a selective U.S. Government depository library.

Mississippi College School of Law keeps pace with groundbreaking technological advances. In an age where modern federal and state courtrooms feature interactive touch screens and testimony is introduced both orally and visually, an attorney who is adept at using the latest technology has an advantage.

At MCSOL our courtrooms and classrooms feature cutting-edge electronics systems. You are exposed to real-world technology, graduating with marketable skills and experience that appeal to potential employers.

We are a foundational law school. During the first two semesters, students are required to take basic courses to teach them to think like a lawyer. During the second and third year, we offer extensive course listings to choose from.

Clinical and moot court programs and a wide-array of co-curricular activities help round out our academic experience. Each year, in order to complement coursework, nationally and internationally recognized speakers visit the school and share different perspectives and insights.

Teaching is our strength. Our esteemed faculty members are leaders in their fields of scholarship. They have impeccable credentials. From Insurance to International Law and from Constitutional to Sports Law, our professors are regularly cited in courts, scholarly journals and the media.

Our course of study integrates the theoretical aspects of the law with practical, hands-on training. Because of our strategic location, federal and local judges and some of the best legal minds in the area teach as adjunct professors, giving our students solid practical experience and enviable networking opportunities.

We are renowned for the extraordinary level of interaction between faculty and students that extends beyond the classroom. Our professors do more than just instruct. They mentor. They encourage. They inspire.

School name:Mississippi CollegeSchool of Law
Address:151 East Griffith Street
Zip & city:MS 39201 Mississippi

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