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Southern Illinois University (School of Law)

The Southern Illinois University School of Law is
committed to serving the public good.

In an annual Induction Ceremony, entering law students take an oath to their fellow students, the legal profession, and the public. This Ceremony, which is unique to the School of Law, demonstrates each class’s commitment to serving the public good.
The Induction Ceremony is part of the Professional
Development Workshop Series, which received a
2004 E. Smythe Gambrell Professionalism Award
from the American Bar Association.
Students can serve in one of four public service clinics or participate in one of many public service oriented student organizations including Phi Delta Phi, Phi Alpha Delta, or Equal Justice Works.
In 2004, the School of Law established the Joseph R. Bartylak Public Interest Fellowships which award stipends to students who volunteer for a public service group or organization.
Each year, the School of Law awards the Public
Service Award to students who have demonstrated a commitment to serving the public good.
Outside of the School of Law, students, faculty, and staff support over 80 different civic, governmental, non-profit, and public service groups and organizations including Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The SIU School of Law is unique in that it was
established by the Illinois legislature in the public interest to serve the public good. As a result, we take very seriously an attorney’s commitment to serve. We encourage students to participate in the full life of the school, not just in the classroom, but also in conferences, in clinics, in extracurricular offerings, and in the community.

Because the law is changing rapidly, and because a majority of lawyers will change jobs and careers over time, today’s law student needs both the skills and the knowledge necessary for lifelong learning and professional development. You will get both at SIU. With a wide range of courses from which to choose, students at the SIU School of Law enjoy a number of opportunities to achieve the proper balance in their legal education.

For example, while most law schools offer a conventional course in Legal Research and Writing in the first year, SIU is part of a small group of standard setting and forward-looking law schools which train first-year students in a wide range of skills required for legal practice.
In the Lawyering Skills I and II courses, first-year students learn about legal analysis and reasoning, legal writing, legal research, client interviewing, client counseling, advocacy, and negotiation. In addition to the development of excellent individual skills, students also learn to work cooperatively in teams. The feature that sets SIU’s approach to skills-based learning apart,
however, is its understanding of the complex interrelationships between legal doctrine, legal
theory, and legal skills.

The faculty at the SIU School of Law are drawn from distinguished practice and academic settings. They are known not only for their legal research and scholarship, but also for their ability and commitment to teaching. Our faculty include nationally recognized scholars in such fields as natural resources law, tax law, evidence, international law, intellectual property, elder law, family law, and legal history. You will study with professors who are not only leaders in the legal profession, but serve on local, state, and national committees.

The Health Law Program at the Southern Illinois University School of Law was developed in the early 1980s to advance education and research regarding critical issues in health law, public policy and medical ethics. After dedicating more than twenty years to teaching, research, and service activities addressing healthcare regulation, patient safety and medical liability, bioethics, public health, mental health, and food and drug law, the SIU school of law formally established the Center for Health Law and Policy in 2004.

We believe that a diverse student body, faculty, and staff are not only important to your legal education, but to the future of the legal profession. Diversity means that issues, concepts, problems, and strategies that you have not experienced are brought into the classroom and discussed in the marketplace of ideas.
The students who choose to come to the Southern Illinois University School of Law are a large part of what makes us unique.
They are a diverse group of individuals who come from across the United States, as well as foreign countries. Student run organizations such as the Asian American Law Students Association, Black Law Students Association, Hispanic Law Students Association support to a diverse student body.

The Southern Illinois University School of Law strives to make its students’ education relevant and rewarding. To accomplish this goal, we offer students a wide range of opportunities to help real clients with real problems, while at the same time receiving either academic credit or a salary.
Our award-winning clinical programs offer students the opportunity to develop not only their lawyering skills but their understanding of the professional role of the lawyer in society. Students accomplish this by engaging in direct contact and representation of clients under the supervision of either a clinical faculty member or an attorney from the community.

The learning environment at the SIU School of Law encourages rather than intimidates. Our low student faculty ratio, friendly staff, student organizations, and student-run programs like Orientation generate a genuine team spirit among the student body and an atmosphere that lets students know they enjoy the support of the law school community.
The School of Law Career Services Office assists students and alumni in their search for rewarding employment opportunities. The Office acts as a liaison between employers and students, provides individual counseling, conducts workshops, and provides access to the tools necessary to conduct a successful job search. Alumni are an important part of the career services network.

School name:Southern Illinois UniversitySchool of Law
Address:1150 Douglas Drive, Mailcode 6804
Zip & city:IL 62901 Illinois

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