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University of Baltimore (School of Law)

At the University of Baltimore School of Law, students learn doctrine, perspective and skills through traditional study and through clinical and lawyering courses. Their education is enriched by work on journals, membership in student organizations and government, and by centers focused on local, national and global issues.
Our faculty, staff and administration take great pleasure in contributing to the transformation experienced by our students as they pursue their legal study.

Our graduates enter the legal profession exceptionally well prepared to analyze clients' legal issues, and make oral and written presentations to courts and administrative bodies. They serve as excellent lawyers, judges and prominent public officials, changing their lives and the lives of others through the profession of law.

The School of Law provides a very rich curriculum, in both day and evening divisions, offering a wide variety of specialized courses in addition to a strong core curriculum. Our legal skills offerings are especially strong, as UB is one of the national leaders in “narrowing the gap” between legal education and the legal profession. Our skills programs begin with the first year Legal Analysis, Research and Writing (LARW) courses and culminate with one of the best Legal Clinic programs in the country. Skills training at UB also include a wide variety of simulation skills courses, such as Trial Advocacy; Litigation Process; Interviewing, Negotiating and Counseling; Alternative Dispute Resolution Seminar; Mediation Skills; and various planning/drafting courses.

Another opportunity that you will have at the School of Law is to pick an area of law in which to concentrate your upper-class studies. The primary objective of the concentration program is not to make students “specialists” in a particular area of the law, although those who choose to concentrate surely will develop substantial substantive knowledge in the area. The greatest benefit of concentrating is that you will gain the lawyering skills that come from doing something in depth. Thus I urge you seriously to consider choosing a concentration. The course selections within most concentrations are quite varied, and you can both choose a concentration and have the broad generalist's legal education that will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities.

Taking advantage of the rich curricular opportunities here requires planning on your part. That planning should at least begin early in your second semester of your first year, when you will be selecting courses for the first semester of your second year. Please consider the options carefully, attend the programs that we offer on curriculum planning, and feel free to consult with your faculty advisor, faculty members of the Curriculum Advisory Board, or with Dean Torain or other advisors in the Dean's Suite.

The University of Baltimore School of Law has served the State of Maryland by contributing to the betterment of the state's legal system and the quality of its citizens’ lives, and by preparing its graduates for their roles as advisers, advocates, and leaders in private enterprise and public service. The School of Law will continue this tradition by seeking excellence in its educational program, its contribution to discourse about the law, and its partnerships with the communities of which it is a part, and by providing access to legal education, all of which promote achieving justice.

The University of Baltimore School of Law will teach legal doctrine, legal ethics, and legal skills in a manner that successfully combines theory and practice. We will provide students with practical legal experiences and an innovative writing program that is an integral part of the overall curriculum, thereby facilitating their understanding and application of the law. We will work with our students to identify and build on their strengths as they make the transition to their professional careers. To create the best possible environment for this comprehensive legal education, we will take advantage of our urban location and we will provide a state-of-the-art facility, a wide range of co-curricular activities, and productive centers for the study of law in areas of targeted strength. Our faculty will produce scholarship that makes substantial contributions to legal discourse, and our faculty and students will engage in service that benefits our local, regional, national, and international communities. We will continue our commitment to the dual goals of access and excellence by creating a welcoming and vibrant educational community that is rich in diversity in all of its varied forms, and by offering students the fullest opportunity to participate in the law school experience through flexible full time and part time programs.

School name:University of BaltimoreSchool of Law
Address:1420 N. Charles St.
Zip & city:MD 21201-5779 Maryland

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