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University of Akron (School of Law)

The University of Akron School of Law promotes justice, the protection of individual liberty and the rule of law through our commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. We also are committed to expanded opportunities for legal education.

We have identified the following central elements in our mission as a law school:

1. Teaching
We are, above all, committed to excellence in teaching. Our students expect and deserve it. We have, as a faculty, determined that this is the most important way that we can serve our students, and ultimately, our great responsibilities. Our commitment includes both the determination to assure a high quality of teaching in all areas and the recognition that we must address the particular needs of our students and the profession in these times. We must be careful to instill in our students an understanding of the professionalism and high ethical standards that lawyers must achieve. We also must assure that they leave the school with a firm grounding in the essential skills they will need to practice law.

2. Scholarship
We believe that engaging in scholarship is important to our achieving excellence as teachers and to meeting our responsibilities to the legal profession and the rule of law. We define scholarship for this purpose as creative intellectual endeavor intended to develop and disseminate new knowledge or new insights into existing knowledge. We recognize as legitimate scholarship not only traditional law review articles, but also other writings and law reform efforts that involve a comparable degree of research, analysis and original thought.

3. Service to the Bench, the Bar and the Broader Community
We also recognize a responsibility to serve the greater community, especially the bench and bar. As legal professionals, faculty and administrators are a source of expertise and independent judgment for individuals, the courts, professional organizations and governmental entities. Where appropriate, we strive to serve the local, national and international communities through a wide range of volunteer leadership and consultation.

4. Providing Access to Legal Education
One of the most important roles we have played in our region since the school was founded in 1921 has been to provide access to legal education for working people and others who otherwise would not be able to enter the legal profession. We have accomplished, and continue to accomplish, this aspect of our mission through the operation of our evening program. More recently, we have recognized the need and pursued the effort to increase opportunities for legal education among members of minority groups and others who have historically been underrepresented in the legal profession.

The core curriculum of the first year is traditional. The courses include a wide range of substantive fields suited to the development of analytical skills essential
to practicing law. Private and public law, judicial and legislative processes, and research and writing are all subsumed in this curriculum. The focus is on teaching
students how to learn and how to use knowledge and skills to solve problems.
The lawyer’s responsibility to clients and society also is explored in the context of substantive courses. The goals are to teach critical thinking, persuasive reasoning, effective communication, creative problem solving, social awareness, and professional responsibility. This challenge stimulates both student and teacher.

Among its several missions, the School of Law strives to prepare students to be practicing lawyers. While traditional academic course work provides the
foundation for skills training, the law school has multiple ways for law students to experience the actual practice of law in supervised settings.
A maximum of 12 credit hours from clinical programs may be applied toward the 88 credits required for graduation.

Upper division students represent criminal defendants in post-conviction matters and appeals. Students have primary responsibility for preparing briefs to be filed in Ohio and federal trial and appellate courts including the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. This work further develops the skills students have obtained in writing and research courses.

The New Business Legal Clinic provides low-cost legal and business assistance to small and emerging businesses in the local community. Students work in a law-firm environment where they are responsible for client contact, documentation and billing hours.
Under the supervision of a licensed attorney, second- and third-year law students provide clients with legal and business advice including business planning, employment, contract/lease, tax and entity formation information. Students benefit from hands-on experience with real clients.

Clinic students may interview clients, investigate facts, draft pleadings, and appear in court. They gain experience handling criminal cases. Criminal cases involve misdemeanors such as drunk driving, domestic violence, and assault. Third-year students have the special opportunity to be certified as legal interns by the Supreme Court of Ohio. Legal interns represent clients directly in court. These students are required to participate in the clinical seminar class.

The University of Akron School of Law has a history of providing outstanding technology and related support to its students, faculty, and staff.

The Academic Success Program is committed to your success as a law student.
Whether you are interested in finding ways to adjust to law school, improving your exam performance, or honing your skills for the bar examination and practice after graduation, our office is here to assist you in maximizing your potential.

Free services to the law student community include:
* Individual and group sessions that address study
techniques and topics
* Learning styles analysis
* Memory strengths and weaknesses diagnoses
* Notetaking, reading cases, briefing, outlining, and
exam writing assistance
* Procrastination, time management, and stress
management programming
* Learning materials library stocked with hornbooks,
flashcards, subject supplements, and problem/answer
* Tutorial assistance

The law school environment is much different than the undergraduate college environment, and is very different from many graduate programs. It is much more intense and rigorous, and classes are conducted such that students are expected to be prepared for in-depth discussions each and every day. This section of the School of Law website is intended to give prospective law students an idea of what it is actually like to be a student here at The University of Akron School of Law.

School name:University of AkronSchool of Law
Address:150 University Ave.
Zip & city:OH 44325-2901 Ohio

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