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Indiana University (School of Law - Bloomington)

If you are considering the profession of law as your life's work, I hope you will take a careful look at the Indiana University School of Law—Bloomington. The most important elements to success as an attorney are a solid foundation in the critical skills of reading, listening, reasoning, writing, as well as speaking with precision, accuracy and persuasive power. Thorough and sound preparation in these skills, and their application to substantive areas of the law, is the focus of our school.

You cannot fully experience the unique and special quality of the School of Law from this Web site or from our Bulletin. I encourage you to visit us to see and feel the atmosphere of scholarship, collegiality, and mutual support that makes this school very special. We welcome you at any time to visit a class, tour our world-class library, and meet our students. I predict you will be favorably impressed and will want to become a part of this community of legal scholarship.

The School of Law offers the benefits of a small school, with a superb faculty, coupled with the advantages of proximity to one of the nation's foremost public research universities.

The Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington
provides the highest quality legal education in a
relaxed, collegial setting. Located on the beautifully
wooded campus of one of the nation’s largest teaching and research universities, the Law School offers a unique blend of academic excellence, community, and cultural opportunity.

With more than 650 students drawn from 200 undergraduate schools in the United States and abroad, the Law School is small enough to retain its distinctive sense of community and collegiality, while large enough to provide a stimulating, cosmopolitan environment. The Law Library is among the 20 largest in the nation, offering more than 750,000 volumes, as well as cutting-edge electronic resources. Graduates of the Law School are found in every state and around the world.
The Law School employs more than 60 appointed
faculty members and a number of practitioners and
judges who serve as adjunct faculty. The school
features a wide variety of specialized courses and
small elective classes, as well as extensive facultystudent interaction.

The Law School’s curriculum is designed to
prepare graduates for the many roles lawyers play in the United States and abroad. In addition to engaging in the private practice of law for clients at all income levels, Law School alumni serve in legal and executive posts for a variety of government agencies, business organizations, and educational institutions.
Today’s lawyers are called upon to provide civic
and political leadership and to devote time to the
public interest. The community often entrusts lawyers with offices in local, state, and national government. Global economic and political changes are placing new demands on the profession and providing new opportunities for its members.

To meet the diverse challenges its graduates will
encounter, the Law School stresses the development of reasoning ability, verbal and writing skills, and interpersonal skills. Students become familiar with the basic institutions, rules, and doctrines of the legal order in a social context and from a historical perspective.
In addition, students have the opportunity to develop extensive knowledge and substantive experience in key areas of legal specialization. The Law School offers leading programs in a variety of important specialties, including business and commercial law; criminal law and procedure; environmental law; information, communications, and privacy law; intellectual property law; tax law; and global and international law. The Law School also offers innovative courses in such areas as law and architecture, emerging democracies, children and the law, global health and securities, and the law firm as a business enterprise. Students can take advantage of a number of joint degree programs and opportunities for interdisciplinary study with other schools and departments at Indiana University. In addition, the Law School provides clinical opportunities and intensive training in the preparation and litigation
of trials, as well as in alternatives to litigation.
The Law School offers an innovative program
that is designed to ensure that graduates have the
necessary writing skills to meet the demands of
practice now and in the future. In the first year of
law school, students work in small groups under the supervision of a legal research and writing lecturer and a law librarian to become familiar with the conventions and requirements of legal writing. In the second year, students select a regular substantive course in which they further exercise and sharpen their writing skills in a small-group setting. During the third year, they complete a substantial research and writing project.

Indiana University Bloomington is associated nationally and internationally with unsurpassed cross-disciplinary research in law. The Center for Law, Society, and Culture seeks to establish the Indiana University School of Law—Bloomington as the preeminent environment for the multidisciplinary study of law, society, and culture.
The center links the Law School to a campus with a wealth of resources, bringing together renowned Indiana University scholars who influence the study of law from a variety of academic perspectives.

The fundamental mission of the Center for Law, Society, and Culture is to promote and disseminate a multidisciplinary understanding of law through scholarship, teaching, and discussion.
The center produces, presents, and coordinates
research conducted by exceptional scholars in schools and departments across Indiana University on the subject of law and legal problems.
The center supports research related to the
law in a broad sense, including cultural aspects of
law expressed through political theory and the
humanities, and scientific aspects of law expressed
through advances in biotechnology, environmental
science, and information technology. Each year, the center sponsors a major symposium that brings together prominent law and society faculty from Indiana University and leading scholars from around the world.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful law
libraries in the country, the Law Library at the Indiana University School of Law—Bloomington is one of the best. Its outstanding research collection includes the most up-to-date electronic resources as well as an extensive traditional collection of legal materials from all over the world.
With more than 750,000 volumes, the Law Library is one of the 20 largest academic law libraries in the country, and the largest in the state of Indiana.
The library includes a first-rate research collection in Anglo-American law, as well as outstanding holdings in international and foreign law. The Law Library is a depository for U.S. government publications and is one of only 11 law school libraries that serve as depositories for the paper records and briefs of the U.S. Supreme Court. The Law Library tied for first place in a 2004 report by the National Jurist, which ranked 175 law school libraries.
The Law Library Web site provides access to
a wide selection of electronic resources, including
Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw, and many other electronic legal research tools. Through password-protected links, law students can access electronic class reserve materials and past law school exams from home.
An active Law Library program trains law students to become skilled in legal research through research and writing classes in the first year, as well as within a wide range of specialized law classes in the second and third years.

The well-prepared lawyer must be able to bridge
the print and computer environments, balancing
traditional research methods with innovative systems technology. The Law Library at the Indiana University School of Law—Bloomington is committed to maintaining a print collection of the highest quality while serving the technological needs of the lawyers of tomorrow.

School name:Indiana UniversitySchool of Law - Bloomington
Address:211 South Indiana Avenue
Zip & city:IN 47405 Indiana

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