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Pace University (Pace Law School)

Pace University School of Law is located in White Plains, New York, in Westchester County, some 25 miles north of New York City. We accepted our first students in September 1976, and will soon celebrate our 30th anniversary. Our reputation and strong financial aid and scholarship program attract exceptionally talented students from diverse backgrounds, from 34 states and several countries around the world. Many of our students have extensive prior work experience and advanced degrees in other fields including business, science and technology. Dean Stephen J. Friedman, a distinguished lawyer and public servant, leads the school and its students to new levels of accomplishment in the new Millennium.

Pace Law School is nationally recognized for the excellence of our Environmental Law Program as well as our clinical programs. We offer certificate and graduate programs in two specialties -- Environmental Law and International Law, and have developed comprehensive concentrations in a wide range of areas including intellectual property law, business law, criminal law, real estate and land use law, and family law. Pace Law School also boasts Centers of Excellence including the Pace Land Use Law Center, the Women’s Justice Center, the Center for Environmental Legal Studies, the Energy Project and the Pace Center for Continuing Legal Education.

A superb faculty teaches our core law school courses emphasizing theory and analysis through the Socratic method and experiential teaching through clinics, simulation courses and externships. Pace’s nationally recognized legal writing and research program is based upon an integrated first-year writing program: Criminal Law Analysis and Writing I and II which is a two-semester required course, taught in a seminar setting, that culminates in writing an appellate brief and argument before a moot court.

The Law School is committed to student centered governance and teaching. Students are represented on the law school’s budget committee, and have substantial opportunity to participate in faculty hiring decisions. This focus ensures that all our decisions are made in the best interest of our students, and in their preparation for entry into a learned profession.

The Law School is committed to providing its students with the knowledge and values necessary to be effective and ethical lawyers as well as community leaders. The School’s clinical program, taught by tenured faculty, offers practical experience in law firms, corporate counsel, district attorney’s offices and other government agencies. Pace’s comprehensive career development program, staffed by four lawyers and two staff members, includes job search services, on-campus interviewing, on-line job listings, special panel presentations and workshops for both students and alumni.

Our public interest law program that includes Public Interest Entrance Scholarships, a Loan Repayment Forgiveness Program, Dean’s Awards for Pro Bono Service, public service opportunities in our externship and clinical programs, the Public Interest Law Students Organization (PILSO), and career counseling in Public Interest Law, defines our commitment to a professional ethic of service to others.

Our campus continues to grow with a new 27,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art classroom building that opened in 1999, a new 300 car parking garage, and the world class New York State Judicial Institute established on the Pace Law School campus.

Pace Law School, in pursuit of the professional and academic mission of the University as articulated in its Mission Statement, is dedicated to:

* Educating students from diverse backgrounds to be
competent ethical lawyers in the diverse callings of
the profession, animated by a concern for the
communities that they will serve.
* Promoting excellence in teaching.
* Advancing knowledge through legal and
interdisciplinary research and scholarship that are
recognized by regional, national or international
audiences for their contribution to the law and legal
* Contributing to the achievement of a more just
society through professional education, legal
scholarship, and service to those in need.

In furtherance of its mission, Pace University School of Law is committed to continued development of innovative programs having national distinction.

A successful legal education at Pace is the sum of many parts. Strong programs and numerous options, meaningful experiences in clinics and externships, effective teachers in class and in person are all qualities we believe honestly reflect the strengths of a Pace legal education.

For most students, the experience begins in the classroom. From the very beginning, you will learn the law by dissecting the law, by breaking down what you thought you knew and rebuilding your own concept of the law and its application. All of this learning takes place in a supportive environment made up of an experienced and dedicated faculty, as well as your peers, who enjoy learning with you and watching you learn.

You'll be able to choose from a variety of degree programs, tailoring yours to suit your own careers goals. We pride ourselves on our special degree programs in environmental law, international law and health law, which consistently rank highly when placed alongside other similar programs.

In addition to the experiences that take place inside the classroom, in your chosen field of study, you'll have the opportunity to put your skills to good use. By participating in our clinical programs, you will work alongside legal professionals, doing what they do in the workplace. You can take part in our centers and special programs, where you will delve more deeply into your area of interest, enacting the law even as you learn it. Then there are moot courts and law reviews, where you will work and compete with your peers and with other law students across the country.

The combination of all of these factors will provide you with a legal education that is unbeatable--learned theory grounded in practice, passion applied to the enactment of that passion, experience in all senses of the word.

Our Program offers numerous services throughout your law school years. Our first year program assists students to adjust to the new style of learning and writing. Skills Workshops are offered to all students wishing to master skills essential for law school achievement. Individual skills development, academic counseling, and legal writing assistance are also available.

The upper level program allows students to continue to develop and hone analytical and writing skills that are vital for success in law school and on the Bar exam. Individual skills training and writing assistance, which often focus on Bar Exam questions, are available and encouraged. Our upper level program also includes an intense and thorough Supplemental Bar Program for students to take during their final spring semester.

Pace has built a graduate legal program with a drawing power that attracts highly qualified students from across the country and around the world. We offer programs of study leading to the Juris Doctor degree and two advanced degree programs, plus our joint degree and certificate program options.

Students who wish to obtain the J.D. may choose to receive a Certificate of Specialization in one of two areas: Environmental Law, International Law.

Our joint program options allow students to works towards a degree in law while earning an MPA degree from the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, a graduate degree in business (MBA) from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University or a joint J.D./M.E.M. degree with the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Undergraduate students may also enroll in the accelerated program, which allows them to obtain their bachelor's degree in three years before pursuing the law degree.

The Environmental Law Program is one of the first in the country and consistently ranks as one of the highest in the country in terms of academic and clinical opportunities available. Students may obtain the LL.M. in Environmental Law or the Doctor of Juridical Science in Environmental Law.

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Comparative Legal Studies is available for graduates of law schools outside the United States, and is designed to meet the specific needs of students who want to obtain a degree in law within the U.S. that they can apply wherever they might practice.

Pace Law students who wish to gain some international experience may also participate in our London Law Program and live, study and work abroad as part of their degree requirements.

All of our programs are conducted in an atmosphere that is challenging but hardly intimidating, friendly but never patronizing. You and your fellow students come to rely on and support each other under circumstances that build your confidence. Our faculty function as master teachers -- accepting no less than your best efforts -- and as amiable mentors relishing the give-and-take with you and your colleagues that makes learning law a joy.

In learning a new language, you have to master grammar and syntax, memorize vocabulary and practice enunciation. The law is no less challenging a regimen.

The law introduces a challenging new vocabulary whose terms have legal import. Words like ex parte, libel per se, parole evidence, de novo. You interpret the language of cases to relate factual situations to legal principles and precedent in order to reach defensible conclusions. You exercise new skills to represent real clients and manage real cases.

Under the guidance of teachers, well versed in the law and passionate about its purposes and precepts, you soon become engrossed in both the letter and spirit of the law. We want you knowledgeable about what the law is and devoted to what it means, and what it ought to be.

To begin, you encounter required courses whose content establishes the foundational principles on which the law is firmly rooted and from which it flourishes in practice. Once your background in the basics is secure, you go on to select from some 70 electives, more than those offered at most comparable law schools. You can choose from specialty programs in Environmental Law and International Law. And you can participate in a range of experiences in clinical and externship programs, and in our land use law, women's justice and social justice centers.

The Juris Doctor program is designed to be completed in three years of full- time study, or four years of part-time study in either the evening or day divisions. No matter which option you choose, you can be assured that you will receive the same high quality of education from the most learned faculty members and the same diverse course offerings.

Pace's atmosphere is classified as supportive rather than competitive. You'll find that fellow students will record a class for you if you are sick, and teachers keep their doors open on purpose to encourage students to stop by with questions, concerns or just to chat.

Considered a mid-size law school, Pace's student body numbers some 750 students in its full-time, part-time and evening divisions. Reflecting the community around the campus, the entering student class had an average age of 25 in the full-time division and 31 in the part-time and evening divisions.

With women accounting for 58 percent of the entering class, Pace was recently rated one of the most welcoming and accommodating law schools for women. Moreover, 17 percent of the entering class are from varied ethnic and racial backgrounds. As an institution committed to global learning, Pace attracts students from all over the U.S. and from around the world.

Our Student Activities Center is the headquarters for a number of student organizations and clubs, and students enjoy participating in extracurricular activities, meeting new people and sharing ideas, experiences and opportunities with each other.

School name:Pace UniversityPace Law School
Address:78 North Broadway
Zip & city:NY 10603 New York

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