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University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame Law School)

We aspire to be a premier law school, as well as an integral part of a great university which claims the Catholic tradition as part of its intellectual heritage. As a scholarly community, we seek to become key participants in the most important academic conversations in our fields. As a professional school, we aim to bridge the worlds of theory and practice, facilitating the interchange of information between the academy and the corridors of political and legal power. Our Catholic tradition, which spans the globe and embraces believers from all races, cultures, and levels of economic development, leads us to strive to broaden and deepen our academic and practical understanding by drawing upon the unique resources of our religious tradition and the traditions of other faiths. Committed to the most demanding standards of scholarly inquiry, we seek to illustrate the possibilities of dialogue between and integration of reason and faith. We view ourselves as engaged in a single integrated mission that combines research, teaching, and service. In our research and writing, we aspire to engage the legal academy at the highest level, to bring legal scholarship into conversation with other disciplines, and to engage insights and challenges drawn from other legal systems. Given our unique mission, questions that will always have a central place here include the relationship between law and morality, the distribution of power between the state and other social institutions, and the importance of identifying universal norms of justice and exploring the approaches of diverse cultures in implementing those norms. Through our teaching, we seek to prepare our students to practice law with competence and compassion and to contribute, as leaders in the bar, the academy, and government, to the development and reform of an increasingly complex and internationalized legal and regulatory framework. Through our service, we strive to assist the University and the other communities to which we belong in understanding how law enables and limits the achievement of individual and social goals, as well as to facilitate greater understanding of and commitment to the relationship between law and social justice. Faculty-Student Relationship. The hallmark of legal education at Notre Dame is the close liaison between faculty and students. The faculty are always accessible and spend more hours in private student conferences than in the classroom. As a result of interdisciplinary graduate programs, Notre Dame law students can expect exposure to faculty and students from other University departments, both in seminars and in formal classes. The conduct of law students, like that of all graduate and undergraduate students at the University, must accord with du Lac Student Life Policies and Procedures, which is administered by the University's Office of Student Affairs. Copies of du Lac are available on request and, in any event, will be distributed at orientation. Primary objective at Notre Dame is to recognize that a student who is responsible for his or her own learning learns more, learns firmly and learns quickly with joy. There must be varied opportunities for thinking, growing and learning. Consequently, our program goes beyond classroom instruction. The Law School invites scores of guests to the campus each year. Visitors have ranged from a former chief justice of the United States, to recent graduates who came to ponder with us the challenges of "working within the system." Guests participate in formal lecture settings and in "brown bag" lunch hour informal sessions, some for an hour and some for a week. The law community is an integral part of the University. Law students join in many University activities including operas, plays, Bookstore Basketball, social service, work study, administration of undergraduate dorms, University student committees, and sports events. The faculty and dean participate in a wide range of activities from racquetball games with students to night work at the Center for the Homeless in South Bend. Notre Dame Law School enjoys a rich tradition and heritage. Established in 1869, the Law School is among the oldest law schools in the nation, and the first law school established on the campus of a Catholic university. The history and mission of the Law School and the University are integral to the distinctive qualities of a Notre Dame legal education. The Law School's academic programs prepare students for an array of legal careers in all jurisdictions in the United States, as well as the practice of law internationally. Yet, beyond mere professional competence, a Notre Dame legal education focuses on issues of justice and values inspired by two traditions, the Catholic tradition and the Anglo-American legal tradition. The Juris Doctor (JD) program enrolls approximately 525 students. JD students must complete 90 hours of course work. First-year students take a prescribed curriculum of a total of 30 credit hours, with upper-level students enrolling in 12 required credit hours and at least 48 elective credit hours. The Law School confers three graduate law degrees: an LL.M. in International and Comparative Law, and an LL.M. and J.S.D. in International Human Rights.Additionally, the Law School offers a number of dual-degree programs that permit students who have particular interests to earn two advanced degrees in less time than it would take to earn the degrees separately.

School name:University of Notre DameNotre Dame Law School
Address:103 Law School St.
Zip & city:IN 46556 Indiana

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