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University of Florida (Levin College of Law)

Levin College of Law is one of the nation's most comprehensive public law schools. Founded in 1909, the college is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. Alumni of the college are leaders in law, business, government, public service and education at the state and national level. No other law school has produced as many presidents of the American Bar Association - four - in the past four decades.

The law school offers courses of study leading to the Juris Doctor degree, including Certificate Programs in Environmental and Land Use Law, Estates and Trusts Practice, Family Law, Intellectual Property Law or International and Comparative Law. Joint J.D./M.A. and J.D./Ph.D. degrees in a variety of disciplines are available, too. The college also offers one of the leading LL.M. in Taxation programs in the United States.

The law school is housed in two adjacent buildings on the west side of the University of Florida campus. Its Legal Information Center is one of the three largest law libraries in the Southeastern United States. The Center was a pioneer in the development of computerized legal research and library automation. It houses more than 580,000 volumes and volume equivalents -- including an international library collection of approximately 30,000 volumes -- along with extensive computer and audio-visual resources.

Computer services available to students include a personal computer lab, research areas and a multi-station computer hub in the library's reference area. Students also have access to a collection of CD ROMs containing a variety of information.

The college is named for alumnus Fredric G. Levin, a prominent trial lawyer, whose financial support has made the college one of the best endowed public law schools in America.

A law school dedicated to advancing human dignity, social welfare and justice through knowledge of the law.

Excellence in: Educating professionals, Advancing legal scholarship, Serving the public, Fostering justice.

The Joint Degrees Program is a credit-sharing arrangement that allows qualified students to combine their legal studies with graduate work, resulting in two degrees earned in a reduced amount of time.

Candidates must take both the LSAT and the GRE, MCAT or GMAT, and apply for and gain admission to both the Levin College of Law and the Graduate School. In addition to the programs listed below, other degree combinations may be developed.

The College of Law combines traditional and innovative teaching methods to provide a dynamic professional program. The three-year Juris Doctor curriculum is designed to develop students' analytical ability, practical knowledge, communications skills, and an understanding of the codes of responsibility and ethics that are central to the practice of law. Students also may enroll in certificate programs offered in several popular practice areas.

Faculty employ a variety of teaching methods, including the traditional "case" and "Socratic" methods, as well as problems, simulations, and role-playing. Courses designed to develop and refine students' writing abilities are required each year. Seminars and advanced courses provide close interaction and individualized research. Clinical programs (simulated and live) allow students to develop skills in the context of real cases.

The required first-year curriculum teaches students to read and analyze cases, to research points of law efficiently and to express those points clearly in the context of subject matter basic to their legal education. Second- and third-year students choose from more than 100 elective courses and seminars covering all areas of law, both traditional and contemporary.

Careful to blend the tradition of the past with the technology of the future, the library offers rare books and historic displays alongside high speed data ports
and ergonomic study areas. The foyer replicates the entrance to Bryan Hall, home to the UF law school from 1914 to 1969, and opens up to spacious rooms with leather arm chairs and floor-to-ceiling views of azaleas
and moss-draped oak trees.
As the laboratory and social heart of the law school,
the information center houses more than 600,000 volumes in open stack displays. Students also have access to 3.5 millionplus volumes in UF libraries.

Diversity is an essential element in the school’s commitment to excellence and exposure to a wide range of experiences and viewpoints. Approximately 23 percent of the UF law school’s 1,200 J.D. students are minorities (African-American, Hispanic, Asian), and total enrollment is about 50 percent female.
The school offers a highly supportive environment to help minorities excel. Special counseling programs offer guidance with academics and the job search, while
other practical support is available in the form of minority internships and clerkship programs, student organizations and mentoring with students, faculty and practicing attorneys.

Many of these programs are overseen by the school’s assistant dean of diversity and community relations, who is responsible for extending comprehensive services that familiarize students with the campus
and faculty and then nurturing them throughout their legal schooling.
Another indicator of diversity is the wide representation of colleges and universities attended by UF law students in recent entering classes. More than 90 institutions are represented at UF, including Bucharest
(Romania), Chicago, Cornell, Emory, Florida A&M, Georgetown, Grambling State, Harvard, Ibadala (Nigeria), Oxford, New York University, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Princeton, Rutgers, Stetson, The Citadel, Utah and Yale.

After four decades of growth and accomplishment,
clinical programs at the Levin College of Law provide students with extensive opportunities to represent actual clients under the close supervision of faculty or attorneys. This practical experience enhances the understanding of the law learned in classrooms and can give graduates the advantage of earning credits and Florida Supreme Court certification as Certified Legal

School name:University of FloridaLevin College of Law
Address:P.O.Box 117633
Zip & city:FL 32611-7621 Florida

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