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Since its founding in 1929, Boston College Law School--one of the nation's premier Jesuit, Catholic legal institutions--has earned a national reputation for educational excellence and the highest standards of professionalism.

Particularly striking is the spirit of community here. Though our students have varied backgrounds and represent more than 200 colleges and universities in the United States and in several foreign countries, they readily support one another in their learning. Diverse student groups also work together on common projects. One must see Boston College Law School to believe that so many people will give so much of themselves to create a community characterized by care and concern for others. Our students work hard, of course, but they find other students, faculty, staff and alumni mentors who help them through any rough patches.

We realize that the theory and practice of law are complementary rather than conflicting, and this, too, shapes our community. We have great respect for the craft of lawyering and teach it early and often, in our first-year Introduction to Lawyering and Professional Responsibility, in our nationally recognized clinical programs, and in many other aspects of the curriculum.

We are also proud to be part of the long Jesuit tradition that combines the highest regard for learning with an emphasis on service to others. We stress professional responsibility throughout the curriculum, anchored in a sense of obligation that is rooted in religious faith as well as other values. Many of our classes and co-curricular activities connect directly to seeking justice, and we repeatedly consider the impact of our actions on the less fortunate. We believe the practice of law stands for something beyond detached analysis and neutral professional skills.

As a result, we emphasize the importance of pro bono service. This does not in any way diminish our commitment to a broad range of legal scholarship and learning. Our faculty continue to gain national and international recognition for their work in numerous areas of law, even as they remain focused on teaching and accessible to students outside the classroom. Our students excel in their studies, their advocacy and their involvement in countless community projects.

At Boston College Law School, students are prepared to meet the many challenges of a successful legal career as they study in a supportive, collegial environment.

Boston College Law School is committed to the highest quality integrated graduate and professional education, recognizing its obligations as a national law school both to the academic and to the professional worlds. Our commitment is to foster new insights through research and scholarship, to impart knowledge and analytical skills through instruction of the highest caliber, and to critically evaluate the role of law and legal institutions. We are also committed to developing those qualities and skills that our students will need to become successful practitioners; toward this end, we search for ways to combine theory and practice in our instruction, and for opportunities to instill in our students the moral and ethical values that underlie a rational and just application of law.

Boston College and its law school are rooted in the Jesuit tradition of service to God and others. In that tradition, we believe that the purpose of higher education is both the search for knowledge, and the preparation of women and men who are moved to a constructive, responsible, and loving use of their knowledge. The Law School recognizes its commitment to social and economic justice, and strives to advance this commitment both through its curricular offerings and in the extracurricular projects that it supports. We encourage our students to develop their own individual commitment to others and to explore those themes which are central to the Jesuit tradition: the dignity of the human person, the advancement of the common good and compassion for the poor. We seek to train a diverse student body not merely to be good lawyers, but to be lawyers who lead good lives, and who will be prepared to seek and to find meaningful work in service to others that will enrich their communities.

We stand out nationally among other law schools because we respect and are concerned for each individual. We strive to reflect the world’s rich diversity and work together to create a community of growth and learning. We believe that such a diverse, supportive community provides the best possible environment for instruction and learning. At least as importantly, it represents the model for the types of intellectual and professional interaction that we hope to instill in our alumnae and alumni who are engaged in the practice of law.

The Law School's campus is an oasis in the midst of a bustling suburban and city landscape, a place where gentle stretches of green lawn and manicured gardens complement some of the most technologically advanced facilities available to law school students. Located on 40 acres of land in Newton, Massachusetts, the campus offers fast access to the city of Boston by car or public transit, where students can find matchless opportunities to observe and participate in the application of the law.

Newton has much to offer locally as well, with parks and recreation, restaurants and shops, and an abundant supply of rental housing of all sorts. And the campus itself is a busy and varied community.

There are over 750 of the best and brightest students here, and over 30 student organizations, a number of them nestled within the protective arms of the Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF), which is involved in promoting the placement of law students with public interest firms and agencies. There are numerous special academic opportunities, including independent study and studying abroad.

When Boston College Law School was founded in 1929, the first dean, Dennis Dooley, envisioned a school with a social conscience as well as an analytical mind. Seven decades later, that vision is still very much alive, as evidenced by the sense of community which springs from a shared respect for the law as the cornerstone of a democratic society, and for one another as fellow human beings joined in the study of this great and demanding profession.

School name:Boston College Law School
Address:885 Centre Street
Zip & city:MA 02459 Massachusetts

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