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Consistently regarded as one of the top 20 law schools in the United States, the University of Minnesota Law School has earned a national reputation for accomplishments that are uniquely related to its history, its location, and its people. As in its first century, 1888-1988, the Law School continues to sharpen the minds and challenge the intellects of some of the best law students in the country, preparing them to apply their talents and intellectual strengths to the public and private good. This ethic of service is tied closely to the Upper Midwestern origins of the school. The history of public and private cooperation that undergirds the region's progressive community life has attracted to the Law School individuals with the talent and motivation to improve society.

At the University of Minnesota, we believe that diversity in the classroom promotes better understanding among students and encourages livelier, thought-provoking discussions.The Law School values and promotes diversity in many ways, throughout the application process and during the entire law school experience. Students at the University of Minnesota Law School are
from almost every state and numerous countries. Our students vary in age and experience and represent a range of different racial, cultural and economic groups. Students of color account for approximately 20 percent of each entering class.

For over a century, the University of Minnesota Law School has been the choice of ambitious, energetic, and public-minded students nationwide. It is easy to see why.

Our faculty ranks in the top nationally as some of the most productive and influential scholars in legal education. At the same time, in true Minnesota tradition, they pride themselves on accessibility and the quality of their teaching. With a 12.5:1 student-faculty ratio and doors that are always open, you will get to know your professors, and you will enjoy your classroom experience.

The faculty also takes seriously their responsibility to train ethical lawyers. At Minnesota, we are unsurpassed in the integration of theoretical and practical training. Hallmarks of our attempt to present the best in both include:

- One of the largest clinic programs in the country, with 16 clinics.
- The 8th largest law library in the country.
- 6 unique faculty-run research institutes, providing research assistant positions for our students, and contributing to policy formation and national debate on issues relating to race and poverty, international human rights, health and life sciences, and business law.
- 8 separate moot court programs and 7 scholarly journals.

Another distinguishing feature relates to our location. Due to the quality of life, Minneapolis is rated consistently as one of the best places to live. Moreover, given its position as a leading midwestern legal community (the 8th Circuit sits here and there is a Federal Reserve Bank downtown) our students have ready access to federal and state courts, numerous clerkship opportunities with private and public employers, and rich cultural and recreational activities. For those who care to leave, however, opportunities abound – 85 percent of the employers who recruit through our on-campus and regional interview programs seek students for out-of-state positions.

Students who choose to attend our Law School are talented, ambitious, and public-minded. They enjoy a 99 percent average employment rate, and 25 percent accept prestigious judicial clerkships. Our alumni practice in all 50 states,with over 275 alumni serving as federal and state court judges nationwide.

Our Career Services Office plays an integral role in assisting our diverse student population with self-assessment, career planning and job search
strategies. CSO assists students and alumni in all aspects of their career development, including participating in many minority-focused events
and activities.

In addition to the large number of jobs opportunities found throughout the state, the CSO conducts extensive recruiting programs with local, regional and national employers who participate in Fall and Spring On-Campus Interview Programs, as well as Fall Off-Campus Interview Programs in New York,
Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Students can participate in a variety of other job fairs around the country, including the BLSA
Recruitment Conference, the Hispanic National Bar Association Job Fair, the Lavender Law Career Fair, the Midwest Minority Recruitment Conference,
the Northwest Minority Recruitment Conference and the Twin Cities Minority Recruitment Conference.

School name:University of Minnesota Law School
Address:Walter F. Mondale Hall 229-19th Av. South
Zip & city:MN 55455 Minnesota

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