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Since its founding in 1887, the University at Buffalo Law School -- the State University of New York system's only law school -- has established an excellent reputation and is widely regarded as a leader in legal education. Its cutting-edge curriculum provides both a strong theoretical foundation and the practical tools graduates need to succeed in a competitive marketplace, wherever they choose to practice. A special emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, public service, and opportunities for hands-on clinical education makes UB Law unique among the nation's premier public law schools.

While the first-year program includes traditional legal courses in civil procedure, torts, contracts, property, criminal law, constitutional law, and ethics, in the second and third years students can choose from a dozen curricular concentrations that allow for in-depth study. Moreover, each student has the opportunity to craft a custom-made curriculum, beyond the selected concentrations, drawing from numerous offerings to build a personalized sequence of courses and experiences.

UB Law's nationally renowned clinics offer diverse and sophisticated practice opportunities for second and third-year students. Known for its groundbreaking approaches to skills training and public interest practice, UB Law's Clinical Education Program combines client service, impact litigation, and transactional planning. UB's Affordable Housing Clinic, for example, has been responsible for developing more than $60 million in affordable housing in the Western New York community.

High-quality faculty members are another important ingredient in UB Law's success. The school has a very low student-faculty ratio. Currently, more than 75 percent of its upper division courses are comprised of fewer than 40 students. Many of the 60 faculty members are nationally prominent and hold advanced degrees in the social sciences and other disciplines, in addition to their law degrees. Their scholarship is published widely, and they bring a wealth of practice and policy experience to UB Law.

A wide range of interdisciplinary and dual degree programs permit UB Law students to combine their legal studies with masters or doctoral programs through the Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy, as well as the School of Management, the School of Social Work, the School of Informatics and the School of Medicine. UB Law also offers a unique post-professional Master of Laws degree in Criminal Law, and a General LL.M. program designed exclusively for international students.

A beautiful Mission-style courtroom constructed this year in John Lord O'Brian Hall offers students the opportunity to watch lawyers and judges in action. It is one of the only law school courtrooms that is part of a state court system where real cases are tried. On-campus apartments, reserved exclusively for law students, opened in the fall of 2001.

What is the legal education like at UB Law? Intellectually exciting and challenging, legal education at UB provides a strong foundation for success in practice. Our students work hard and think creatively about serious problems, but in a comfortable environment where a diverse group of people can come together to examine the law from many different perspectives. Ours is an atmosphere that preserves collegiality and friendship, where the pressure to perform comes from the individual student, not from the professors or from competition with fellow students.

When walking our halls, you will notice a wide range in the ages of our students. While many come right from college, a large number return to school after time in the workforce or after raising a family. This diversity of student experiences and backgrounds enriches the life of the Law School.

UB Law is an academic community that relishes vigorous intellectual engagement. The faculty welcomes student input-they will challenge you, ask hard questions, talk seriously about difficult problems, and expect thoughtful and comprehensive answers.

UB Law is renowned for interdisciplinary studies, with a diverse faculty engaged actively in law and other fields. Each student has the opportunity to craft a custom-made curriculum, drawing from numerous offerings to build a sequence of courses and experiences.

Some students choose to earn two degrees by combining legal studies for a J.D. with concurrent studies for a Ph.D., M.B.A., M.S.W., or other master's degree. A menu of optional curricular concentrations allows for in-depth study of a particular area of legal practice. Clinical courses enable second- and third-year students to practice law in innovative areas under close faculty supervision. Seminars and more than half a dozen law journals provide ample opportunity for writing and publication.

Above all, UB Law students learn effective problem-solving -- a key skill for the practicing attorney.

With our expert faculty and unusually diverse student body, UB Law is a dynamic and supportive place to learn the law. Students from around the nation and abroad come to UB Law for an excellent education and a fast start in successful careers.

In addition to the J.D. program, UB Law School offers a master of laws (LL.M.) degree program designed for international and domestic students. The program's small-group instruction and close personal advisement enable students from around the world to learn about American law in a supportive and friendly environment.

Our LL.M. program in criminal law is the only post-professional program in the United States devoted exclusively to the study of criminal law. The curriculum for this unique program combines hands-on courses with a wide variety of upper-level and seminar courses that permit students to engage in the serious and in-depth study of American and comparative criminal law.

Our curriculum teaches students not only how to think like lawyers, but also how to work like lawyers. Students write a lot, because mastery of language is crucial to success in law. They learn the perspectives from which and the contexts in which lawyers work. And they put it all together by exploring the practices of lawyers as they counsel clients; find facts; negotiate, plan, and execute legal strategies; and seek change through courts and legislatures.

Most students complete their UB Law education in a total of six semesters over three years, although we provide the flexibility for students to extend their law school career to four years to accommodate family or other needs or to pursue a dual degree. In selected circumstances, some students graduate early by taking an intensive course of study through five semesters and two summer terms.

School name:University at BuffaloLaw School
Address:John Lord O'Brian Hall
Zip & city:NY 14260-1100 New York

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