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Southern University (Law Center )

The Southern University Law Center provides exceptional legal educational training to a diverse student body, while it maintains its historic role of giving opportunity to under-represented racial, ethnic, and economic groups. We develop leaders who are committed to public service and access to justice.

The mission of the Southern University Law Center is to provide sound legal educational training to a diverse student body, while maintaining its historic role of providing legal educational opportunities to under-represented racial, ethnic, and economic groups.

To prepare students for the practice of law, the program of study is designed to ensure that students graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of civil law and common law. Though emphasis is given to the substantive and procedural law of Louisiana, with its French and Spanish origins, Anglo-American law is well integrated into the curriculum. The civil law system of Louisiana offers law students a unique educational opportunity. The program of instruction examines the historical background of the civil law system and its development in the United States. Fundamental differences in method and approach and the results reached in the two systems are analyzed.

You will be trained in the art of advocacy, legal research and analysis, legal theory and the social purposes of legal principles. Techniques to strengthen your abilities in legal reasoning are an integral part of the educational objectives of the Law Center. You will also be instructed in the ethics of the legal profession with emphasis on the professional responsibility of the lawyer to society. We develop leaders, and the program of study at the Southern University Law Center will prepare you for varied career opportunities as lawyers in government service, private enterprise, and non-traditional legal-related professions.

The Southern University Law Center provides the opportunity for people of high intellect, integrity, and scholastic achievement to come together with remarkably diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives with the common goal of gaining valuable legal knowledge.

Your upcoming decision, determining where you will study law, is one of considerable personal, educational and professional importance. We invite you to Southern University Law Center to experience our exceptional juris doctorate programs, talented and well experienced faculty, and to cultivate lifelong relationships with peers and alumni.

At Southern University Law Center we are “Reaching New Heights of Excellence” in legal education. We are seeking interested and capable students who are up to meeting this challenge.

The Southern University Law Center is a life-changing experience. The administration and faculty seek to enhance all aspects of students' experience here. Student life consists of an exciting combination of challenging course work; stimulating academic and social interaction with faculty, students, and alumni; voluntary involvement with student organizations; the opportunity to edit and write for student journals; enjoyment of the South Louisiana culture and lifestyle; and access to various lectures, symposia and conferences featuring renowned speakers from law practice, the judiciary, government, and top legal institutions.

School name:Southern UniversityLaw Center
Address:2 Roosevelt Steptoe Drive
Zip & city:LA 70813 Louisiana

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