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University of California (Hastings College of the Law)

Hastings has entered the 21st century as one of the most exciting and vibrant legal education centers in the nation. Our faculty's interests and talents cover a broad spectrum of fields, allowing us to offer an incredibly diverse curriculum.

Our student body also reflects a broad array of interests and backgrounds. Students hail from more than 120 universities and colleges across the country, with many having advanced degrees or several years experience in the workplace. Their diverse backgrounds and interests allow for a wide variety of perspectives to be shared in discussions both in and outside of class and are reflected in the presence on campus of over 50 different student organizations.

Hastings is located in the heart of San Francisco amidst the federal and state courts and houses both residential and dining facilities and a variety of study settings -- from the parlor-sized, paneled Sutro Room to the two-tiered Gold Reading Room, and the specially designed Cotchett Trial Advocacy Center. Reminding us that we are located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the James Edgar Hervey Skyroom, a special art deco lounge that sits on the 24th floor of our McAllister Tower building, offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the City skyline and serves as gathering place for numerous student and alumni events.

It is difficult to try to capture all the features and facets of the College, but our goal is to set out as much information as possible in a clearly accessible form and to indicate where and how you can find out more. I hope that the material you find here will answer your questions, give you some insight into the many exciting things that are happening around the College, and provide you with necessary information about various College rules, programs, calendars, and the like.

University of California Hastings College of the Law
reveres the law yet thrives on an appetite for lively
debate and robust discussion of what the law means.
This give-and-take is evident in the positions taken by our faculty members and law students whose opinions may differ but whose differences are discussed agreeably.

Hastings has established an impressive record for
the quality of its graduates since its founding in 1878 as the first public law school in California. An unparalleled Hastings presence in the judiciary and the bar, in government and business, in education, and in the entertainment industry has had a significant influence on our immediate community as well as the society at large. As you consider Hastings for your legal studies, be
prepared for a high-energy forum that brings the law to life for a life in the law.

Hastings is one of the most exciting and vibrant legal education centers in the nation. The faculty's interests and expertise cover a broad spectrum of fields, resulting in an incredibly diverse curriculum. Hastings is located near state and federal courts of every level and government agencies that serve the public purpose and defend the public interest. Clinical programs translate legal understanding into action providing services for the community. The student body represents diverse backgrounds and interests allowing for a wide variety of perspectives to be shared in discussions both in and outside of class. The college publishes seven journals, including the oldest constitutional law journal in the United States. In addition academic support programs offer academic assistance to all students.

The Juris Doctor program at Hastings is a three-year, full-time education in the law requiring 86 credits and a 2.0 grade point average to qualify for a degree. The legal education you receive at Hastings is a window to the breadth and diversity of the law. It provides both a focus on the fundamentals and a wider view to explore special areas of study.

The College is home to law-related organizations to keep your interest heightened and support programs to keep you on track. You get a practical dimension in skills courses and legal experiences in clinical internships and judicial externships. The real distinction in our legal education program comes from our faculty, whose scholarship and teaching credentials are difficult to surpass anywhere in the nation and whose relationship with students is one of the most congenial and instructive of any law school faculty.

Hastings has definite advantages. Our 400 entering students are divided into first-year sections of approximately 80, with one class offered in sizes of 40 students, and legal writing given in groups of 15. One hundred twenty-five course offerings are available for students who want to specialize in tax, civil litigation, public interest law, or international and comparative law. The upper-class curriculum has more than four concentrated studies certificates.

With a sizable faculty of 56 full-time professors and 80 adjuncts, our upper class course offerings include 69 lecture courses, 50 writing seminars, and 16 professional skills courses.

First-year students take legal writing and research and then engage in moot court arguments with a written brief and computer-aided research. Before graduation, a substantial paper on a legal topic is required.

Concentrated studies certificates are available in four areas: Civil Litigation, International Law, Public Interest Law, and Taxation. Other areas of study more generally cover Administrative and Public Law, Business and Commercial Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, Environmental Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property, and Legal Philosophy and Systems.

More than most other law schools, Hastings sponsors six law journals including a general law review and others specializing in communications and entertainment law, constitutional law, international and comparative law, environmental law and policy, and women's law. Student members also publish notes or abbreviated articles on topics of current interest in the law and write comments critiquing opinions of the courts.

Hastings pioneered two academic support programs: the long-standing Legal Education Opportunity Program (LEOP) for students who meet the LEOP admissions criteria, and the Academic Support Program (ASP) which offers a variety of assistance to all students, including those experiencing academic difficulty.

A legal education is not only the intellectual effort it takes to understand the law. It is also the heady experience of translating understanding into action. At Hastings, the action is in the experiential programs where you can put your substantive legal knowledge into practice.

Research and public service are critical components of the Hastings mission. All the centers work in cutting-edge or innovative areas of the law and provide opportunities for students and practitioners to work together and collaborate. Hastings faculty and center staffs share their results with the legal community through special programs, events, and reports.

School name:University of CaliforniaHastings College of the Law
Address:200 McAllister Street
Zip & city:CA 94102 California
Phone:415- 565-4600

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