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Florida Coastal School of Law

Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL) in both its full-time and part-time programs offers a course of study leading to a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. The program requires the completion of 87 credit hours for graduation.

FCSL is dedicated to facilitating our students' legal education and pursuit of meaningful careers in traditional or innovative settings. Toward those ends, FCSL offers a quality legal education calibrated to the needs of its students, the community and the profession. FCSL has a program that is responsive to concerns about the state of legal education, attentive to technology, premised upon humanistic values, appreciative of multiculturalism, and grounded in real-world experience. It also is dedicated to instilling an appreciation for the ethical demands of the legal profession; factoring the impact of globalization and technology; and serving the community.

Central to the achievement of the institution's purpose is a curriculum relevant to the existing and evolving needs of the community served by the legal profession. FCSL is committed to providing a thorough grounding in doctrine and essential skills such as interviewing, counseling, negotiation, trial advocacy, and methods of dispute resolution. It also fosters an appreciation for the law's context and history and stresses professional responsibility. Meeting the needs of the profession and society, by training attorneys who are well-schooled in essential skills and cognizant of a rapidly changing social and economic order, is a hallmark of legal education at FCSL. A legal education increasingly has become recognized as crucial training for effective performance in a complex business world and other fields and a means for advancement therein. FCSL welcomes qualified students, whether they intend to practice law or not, and believes the educational process benefits from diversity in background and objectives.

Florida Coastal School of Law is fully accredited by the American Bar Association.

The School is housed in two buildings that encircle a courtyard campus. Facilities include modern classrooms, offices, a moot court room, activity and lounge areas, study rooms, computer laboratories and the Library and Technology Center. State-of-the-art technology has been planned and provided for throughout the building. Ample on-site parking is available.

Student life at Florida Coastal School of Law reflects the philosophy of the School and is a function of the community setting and professional focus of the administration, faculty, students, and the Bar. Students are involved in the school and community through student organizations and faculty/student relationships.The community interacts with the school and students through programs and visits to campus by persons representing a broad spectrum of interests. Forums, conferences, and continuing education programs also afford opportunities for students to interact within the institution and with the bar and the community. However, it is the interaction between students themselves and between students and faculty which fosters the development of lifelong personal and professional friendships and which forms the core of life on the FCSL campus.

Law Review - The scholarly official publication of the school is usually published twice a year by the students of the law school under the supervision and direction of the Faculty Editor in Chief. The Journal publishes articles of interest to the legal community at large as well as materials of interest to policy makers or researchers in related fields.

The Moot Court Honors Board - Writing and oral communication are essential for an attorney. Through a series of moot court activities, students have the opportunity to develop and reinforce both their advocacy skills and their intimate knowledge of specific areas of the law. The Board coordinates the activities of several specific Moot Court competitions throughout the academic year.

Mock Trial Honors Board - This Board is comprised of those third-year students who are members of FCSL'S Mock Trial Team or have excelled during FCSL'S trial practice competition. The Board organizes the selection of the Mock Trial Team and plans and coordinates its activities in conjunction with the coach.

Students are invited to develop publications and forums for the purpose of addressing legal issues and other concerns. They are urged to capitalize upon technologies for expanding information bases and exchange. FCSL encourages students to engage in robust, open, and uninhibited dialogue and to participate in various opportunities for social interaction with faculty, administrators and other students.

The curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the law and to enable them to be effective legal professionals. The program of study reflects the demands of theprofession for a meaningful educational experience that incorporates history, internationalization, technology, interdisciplinary study, ethics and professionalism, multiculturalism, and evolving trends and future challenges.

All law students participate in the Infusion Curriculum, which directs attention to the relationship between the attorney and the client, interviewing and counseling, negotiating, dispute resolution options, and basic concepts of professional responsibility and decision making. The Infusion Curriculum also incorporates comparative and multicultural perspectives into the learning experience. Infusion takes place directly through formal presentations, vignettes, discussions and role plays, guest lectures, multidisciplinary exposure, and other methodologies. Students are expected to play an active role in sessions that bring to life the foundation concepts taught in the first year. Through the integration of core principles, context perspective, and the essentials of working with lawyers and the people served by the legal profession, students begin their legal education with a more comprehensive perspective on the delivery of legal services.

In addition to various skills courses such as Trial and Appellate Practice, Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Pre-Trial Litigation Drafting, the School of Law offers live client clinics as well as numerous and varied externship opportunities which give students the opportunity to develop and enhance practice skills.

The Child Advocacy/Civil Litigation Clinic is a live client clinic that provides students with the opportunity to represent clients in court and before administrative agencies under the supervision of a full-time faculty member. Students represent parents or guardians of children with disabilities in special education proceedings, disciplinary proceedings and hearings involving SSI and other public benefit related issues. Students may also be involved in cases involving dissolution, custody issues, support, guardianships and adoptions.

The Caribbean Law Clinic involves students in assessing legal problems and issues that face various Caribbean nations. The Attorneys General of these nations refer legal questions to the Clinic where students, under faculty supervision, research and write reports and memoranda. Subsequently, students travel to the country from which the legal work originates to present their completed work to the staff of the attorney general’s office.

Finally, the School of Law offers students the opportunity to earn credit by serving as interns in a variety of courts, public agencies, and not-for-profit corporations. Externship placements include, but are not limited to, the Florida Supreme Court, the Federal District Court, state circuit courts, the State Attorney’s office in both Duval County and other Florida counties, the Public Defender Agency in both Duval and other Florida counties, the U.S. Attorney’s office, the Federal Defender Agency, the offices of the bankruptcy trustees, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, the Florida Department of Children and Families, the City of Jacksonville Office of General Counsel, the Small Business Administration, and the U.S. Navy Jag Office. During the summer, interested students may earn credit for participating in similar long-distance placements.

School name:Florida Coastal School of Law
Address:7555 Beach Blvd
Zip & city:FL 32216 Florida

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