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Samford University (Cumberland School of Law)

Preparation. To a lawyer, it’s more valuable than sharp wit or eloquence, expensive suits or courtroom theatrics. Legal preparation is about discipline. It’s about tradition. Most importantly, it’s about establishing the best possible climate for success. In fact, much the same can be said about law school. At Cumberland, preparation is the essence of scholarship.

Integrity is the basis for respect. The school’s legacy, dating back more than 155 years, is predicated on results—results measured by the collective achievement of its graduates.The prevailing philosophy is simple: Practical skill outweighs raw knowledge, and application transcends erudition. If the goal were to produce great law students, the tenets might be exactly the opposite. Our goal is to produce exceptional lawyers.

That’s why Cumberland’s curriculum emphasizes the core competencies of legal practice: research, writing and persuasion. After all, proficiency in these key areas is essential, regardless of career path, be it public or private practice, defense or prosecution, litigation or corporate transactional practice. The pages that follow will expound upon the many benefits Cumberland has to offer, but don’t stop there.

Come and see for yourself. Take a walk around campus. Sit in on a class. Ask questions. Cumberland students tend to share their opinions and experiences willingly because in most cases someone did the same for them. Before making a final decision, think about what you want to take away from law school. Then think about what you want to contribute. If you decide that a degree is secondary to an education, and if you seek an academic culture rooted in cooperation and trust, then consider Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law.

Cumberland students seeking more options in their professional life may pursue advanced study in two disciplines through six different joint degrees (JD/Master of Accounting, JD/MBA, JD/Mdiv, JD/MS in Environmental Management, JD/MPA, JD/MPH). Four programs are offered in conjunction with other schools on the Samford campus. Two more are offered in conjunction with the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a major research university with an internationally recognized medical center. In either case, students should apply separately to each degree program.

Students generally are expected to complete their first year of law school courses before beginning other coursework. Participation in concurrent degree programs often requires less time than would be required for both degrees separately, because certain courses may count toward the hour requirement for both degrees. A student must be enrolled in both degree programs before receiving such credits.

School name:Samford UniversityCumberland School of Law
Address:800 Lakeshore Drive
Zip & city:AL 35229 Alabama

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