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University of Idaho (College of Law)

This is one of America's smallest law schools, graced by an exceptionally dedicated teaching faculty. No one is a mere number here. Every student has a name, a talent, a future, and a dream.
Law school is a big investment. When law schools are rated upon objective criteria, Idaho is recognized as one of the best values in the nation. The Winter 2004 edition of the Crittenden publication “PreLaw” rated law schools upon six objective criteria: tuition levels (2002-03 data), bar passage rates, employment rates for graduates, median amounts of scholarship grants, “slots available for students in clinical programs," and faculty-student ratios. Upon these standards, the University of Idaho College of Law received an “excellent value” rating -- making it the most highly rated public or private law school in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the most highly rated in the country.

will discover in the faculty -- and develop for yourself -- a level of expertise that prepares you for professional achievement at state, national, and international levels. Moreover, if you are thinking of making your career in the American West, you will be interested to know that the State of Idaho offers reciprocal admissions to the Bar in Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. An Idaho law graduate who practices three years in this state can apply for reciprocal admission in any of the other states.
The "Idaho model" of legal education gives you an intimate learning experience on the friendly Moscow campus, coupled with the option, during summers or your last semester, to take advanced courses or externships in a metropolitan environment such as Boise (one of America's fastest growing and most liveable cities).

Law school challenges you to think deeply about "why" questions - not just the "who" and "what" questions that characterize undergraduate education. You will analyze, reflect, criticize, and create. You will learn the dynamics, the possibilities, and the limitations of the law. You'll be strengthened in professional skills such as problem-solving and persuasion. You will be reinforced in personal and professional values such as truth-seeking, honesty, integrity and loyalty.
You may become a transactional lawyer, a litigator, a judge, an administrator, a business entrepreneur, a teacher, a writer - - the J.D. degree can take you almost anywhere. Your Idaho legal education will sustain you wherever you go. But remember this: regardless of your career path, you'll be happiest if you make time to do good while you're doing well. Justice Louis Brandeis once said "there is a call upon the legal profession to do a great work for this country." If this stirs something inside you, if you want to become part of something noble and lasting… then, yes, the law is for you.

While the University of Idaho College of Law has a strong basic curriculum, there is particular depth in the areas of environmental and natural resources law, business, and professional and litigation skills.

The curriculum and location, with access to the vast wilderness areas of Idaho, create a natural place to study environmental law. The business curriculum is varied, and the faculty has extensive commercial law experience gained in large national firms and through participation in state and national law reform projects. Extensive clinical offerings and externship opportunities allow students to gain practical experience through both actual and simulated trial practice and mediation opportunities.

To complement the broad range of curriculum topics, the Bellwood Lecture Series, funded by an endowment of more than $1 million, brings nationally known speakers on a variety of legal topics to the College each year.

The University of Idaho was listed as the 13th most wired campus in the country by Wired Magazine. The College of Law is part of this success (the Law School was ranked 17th) and continues to provide and enhance the audiovisual, computer, and other technological advances that impact the practice of law. The centerpiece is the College's own interactive video classroom that connects the College with the Idaho Law Center in Boise, Idaho and other locations in the state and region.

The courtroom and all classrooms are networked by way of wireless network connectivity. Portable audiovisual equipment, such as digital projectors, camcorders, and computers, are readily available.

Computers are maintained and upgraded by an in-house technology team, and student labs provide assistants to answer both software- and hardware-related questions.

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