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University of Tennessee (College of Law)

The University of Tennessee College of Law opened its doors in 1890, but it has never been better than it is today. For more than 110 years the Tennessee faculty have been dedicated to training competent, ethical attorneys. As the practice of law has changed, the curriculum has changed to keep pace with the evolving demands of the profession. However, the fundamental tasks -- "the development of skills, the nurture of intellect, and the molding of character" -- have never changed. The College of Law teaches its students to think, write, and speak like lawyers, providing them with a complete legal education.

This is a great law school and its reputation continues to grow. The faculty are dedicated teachers and nationally recognized scholars. They are leaders in professional and community service. Surveys of students consistently and enthusiastically praise the work of the Tennessee faculty. The College of Law has been a leader in providing students with contextual learning experiences. The Charles H. Miller Legal Clinic is the longest continually operating legal clinic in America. New and innovative academic programs and concentrations have been added to a curriculum that allows students to learn the law in the contexts of practice and policy. These include our outstanding Legal Writing Program and our concentrations in Advocacy, a part of the Center for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution, and Transactional Law, a part of the Clayton Center for Entrepreneurial Law. As a result, a diverse group of bright and engaged individuals have been attracted to Tennessee's premier public law school.

The College of Law is housed in a modern facility, which opened during the spring of 1997. The new building contains state-of-the-art technology including a wireless computer network throughout, complete audio visual teaching support in each classroom, and video recording and playback capabilities.

Today, The University of Tennessee College of Law is a law school with a dedicated faculty, bright students, innovative academic programs designed with an eye to the future, and a physical facility that will carry the college well into the 21st century.

For more than fifty years, the University of Tennessee College of Law has been a national leader in clinical legal education. Through its clinical programs, U.T. has helped law students develop the lawyering skills and professional judgment needed after graduation. The College has also advanced the cause of justice over the years by serving thousands of indigent clients unable to afford a lawyer.

In each clinical offering, students learn through direct experience under the guidance and supervision of faculty and other practitioners. The students experience many different aspects of legal practice and encounter the frustration and the excitement -- the fear and the courage -- of the legal profession. Each curricular offering provides a workshop for evaluating these experiences by students and their teachers. The combination of intense involvement and detached reflection within a supportive environment helps students to clarify their emerging careers as lawyers.

All clinical programs at U.T. share the goal of helping students develop a framework from which to evaluate and build on experiences - a framework that they can use throughout their professional careers. Acquiring an understanding of the criteria for judging lawyering tasks and learning a process of self-evaluation are the first steps of developing reflective habits that enable continuous growth. The aspiration of all the clinical programs is to work with the students to begin this process of experiential learning.

The cornerstone of clinical offerings at the College of Law is the U.T. Legal Clinic. The Legal Clinic is a functioning law firm -- a teaching law office. Under special rule of the Tennessee Supreme Court, third year law students represent real clients under faculty supervision. In the process, students are exposed to all facets of managing a case -- interviewing, researching, counseling, negotiating, and advocacy in court. Other clinical programs include a Mediation Clinic, a Prosecutorial Externship and a Non-Profit Corporations course in which students provide legal representation to various non-profit organizations in East Tennessee. A new Business Law Clinic is also being developed.

Students at the U.T. College of Law also have the opportunity to learn by doing through participation in several volunteer or pro-bono programs co-ordinated by the student-run UT Pro Bono.

School name:University of TennesseeCollege of Law
Address:1505 W. Cumberland Ave.
Zip & city:TN 37996-1810 Tennessee

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