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Charleston School of Law

The Charleston School of Law is rooted in tradition. In fact, its origins predate the formation of the oldest law school in the country.

This 19th-century tradition of law continues today through the Charleston School of Law, which has been assigned an interest in the original Forensic Club.

The Charleston School of Law offers students the unique opportunity to study the time-honored practice of law amid the beauty and grace of one of the South's oldest and most prestigious cities, Charleston, South Carolina.

Tracing its origins to the 1825 formation of The Forensic Club, the Charleston School of Law is reinvigorating the study of law in Charleston by offering a rich, comprehensive three-year program rooted in excellence. Not only will students be able to take advantage of mentoring programs offered in conjunction with Charleston's collegial, professional Bar, they will get a firsthand look at the study of law in a city anchored by an area known as the Four Corners of Law.

The overriding goal of the Charleston School of Law is:

* To teach students of high moral character and unquestioned personal integrity through a careful and refined study program;
* To teach the practice of law as a profession, having as its chief aim providing public service;
* To teach the law as a means of providing relief for those who suffer because they are helpless, weak, outnumbered, or because they are victims of prejudice;
* To teach the law as a means of alleviating human misery and human suffering;
* To teach the law as a means of making possible the continued processes of manufacture and commerce that bring realization to the twin goals of prosperity and peace in the world;
* To institute and coordinate legal outreach programs to the South Carolina and American Bars, local, state, and federal governments, as well as to the general population, and
* To encourage and foster legal reforms.

This entails additional goals of graduating students who will be successful in Bar passage, recruiting and retaining highly qualified and effective faculty, providing a Law library that meets the needs of our educational program, and developing and maintaining technological capabilities reflective of the educational and professional needs of the legal field.

The Charleston School of Law is dedicated to the people and progress of South Carolina. The work of our faculty and staff reflects the school’s powerful commitment to the fundamental goals of teaching, scholarship and public service. An emphasis on excellence in classroom instruction is a cornerstone of the tradition we are building at the Charleston School of Law. The
faculty provides exceptional training for aspiring lawyers by blending core legal concepts with traditional classroom and practical applications.
Students should be prepared for active participation in an academic environment that is intellectually rigorous and challenging, yet friendly and supportive.

The low faculty-to-student ratio is a testament to our
student-centered focus. Our small class size promotes
individual inquiry in a collegial learning atmosphere.
Students have ready access to instructors, allowing pursuit of individual areas of study.
At the Charleston School of Law, students learn to become not just exceptional lawyers, but exceptional members of society.

The Charleston School of Law provides students with more than engaging classroom exercises in legal theories. It also extends concrete opportunities for students to develop practical skills so they are ready for a challenging career when they are done with school.
Not only are there opportunities for students to learn more through internships and legal clinics throughout the Charleston community, but they will be able to participate in a multitude of school activities to sharpen advocacy skills and hone scholarship.

The Charleston School of Law is dedicated to preparing students to provide public service while pursuing productive and responsible careers in the legal profession. The school offers full- and part-time courses of study leading to the Juris Doctor degree to college graduates of high moral character and demonstrated academic ability.
Students attending the Charleston School of Law will pursue traditional course work delivered with a fresh approach. The first year of study forms a solid base of knowledge on which a thorough understanding and practice of the law will develop.

Faculty members at the Charleston School of Law value the opportunity to provide the example, leadership and practical knowledge necessary for a well-rounded education. The attractions of Charleston and the opportunity to shape a new generation of legal scholars have drawn exceptional teachers and scholars to our school.

All faculty members have a Juris Doctor degree and have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in teaching and research. The primary obligation of faculty members is to teach and serve the law community, particularly the students. Our student-to-faculty ratio is 20 to one or less, a ratio we believe allows extensive interaction between student and teacher.

Additionally, as one would expect in Charleston, the school is dedicated to providing a courteous, diverse, cultured atmosphere, including academic freedom and professional security.

The Charleston School of Law offers a warm learning environment that embraces full- and part-time students into the modern community of law. They learn in a nurturing atmosphere that challenges their intellects, stresses life-learning and encourages success.
In this rich and open academic setting, you’ll find students asking questions in modern classrooms, studying in a state-of-the-art library or researching
in an easy chair using the school-wide wireless network.

The school is a hub for students who come from all walks of life. In its second year, about 400 full-time and part-time students are the nucleus of the school’s lively, diverse academic environment.
During school, students participate in myriad programs and organizations.
But they’re also encouraged to perform public service by participating in various community service projects provided by the school.

While students are at the Charleston School of Law, they also can take advantage of a full-service career counseling and resource center that provides support and assistance to students in all stages of career planning. The Office of Career Services is committed to helping each student to find, develop and attain individual goals.

School name:Charleston School of Law
Address:P.O. Box 535
Zip & city:SC 29402 South Carolina

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