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California Western School of Law

California Western School of Law is the independent San Diego law school that educates lawyers as creative problem solvers and principled advocates – lawyers who frame the practice of law as a helping, collaborative profession. For more than 80 years, California Western has educated lawyers who are dedicated to improving the lives of their clients and the quality of the legal system. California Western offers the following advantages for pursuing your legal education: Proud history, Broad-based Skills Development, Innovative Programs, Areas of Concentration, Enriching Student Diversity, Dedicated Faculty, Trimester System.

California Western's faculty represents a wide range of experiences, publications, and legal and academic backgrounds.

California Western School of Law is committed to using the law to solve human and societal problems. Our mission is to train ethical, competent and compassionate lawyers, representative of our diverse society, who can use the law effectively and creatively. We recognize that, in the twenty-first century, the rapid rate of change will accelerate and create further problems. We also recognize the pervasive perception, and partial reality, that the legal system and lawyers have helped to create, rather than solve, the problems our evolving society confronts.

While continuing to graduate lawyers well-equipped to practice law, we also seek to graduate creative problem solvers committed to the improvement of our legal system and society. Our graduates will not merely react to problems, but will anticipate them and be ready to devise innovative and responsible solutions to serve the needs of their clients and the broader community. Further, by contributing to legal scholarship, participating in public deliberations about legal matters and serving as a community legal education resource, California Western School of Law will make significant, measurable contributions to the solution of problems in our community, our society and our world.

California Western’s Centers and Institutes – including the Institute for Criminal Defense Advocacy, California Innocence Project, Center for Creative Problem Solving, and the Institute of Health Law Studies – enrich students’ law school experience while also enabling California Western to have a substantive impact on the broader society. Professors and students involved in the programs shape real-life legal events – whether freeing wrongfully convicted inmates in California or training more than 2,000 lawyers and judges in Latin America.

California Western provides a rigorous, traditional legal education with an emphasis on developing problem-solving, communication, writing, and analytical thinking skills. This broad skill-base allows our students to see the big picture, and evaluate the social and economic context behind a wide array of legal problems in order to find the best possible outcome for their client.

California Western believes a diversified student body enriches the academic and interpersonal experiences of law school. The faculty and staff quickly and comfortably welcome each student into the school community, encouraging all students to participate in the numerous academic and social opportunities present at the law school.

California Western's dedicated faculty are experienced scholars who remember what it was like to be a law student. The law school’s culture puts no unnecessary barriers in the way of relationships between students, full-time faculty, and adjunct faculty.

The law school complements the traditional J.D. curriculum with innovative programs that advance both a student's educational experience and capacity to enter the legal profession with superior training. California Western not only teaches the theory of law, but also the fundamental skills required to practice law.

Students can enhance their expertise through six areas of concentration and three dual-degree programs. Students may also participate in a range of special academic programs covering clinical internships, summer enrichment programs, study abroad and more.

One of the ways California Western students and faculty stay connected with the role of law in a changing society is through innovative institutes and centers. From an academic standpoint, they help shape the discussion about topical legal issues. From a practical perspective, professors and students involved in the programs shape real-life legal events – whether freeing wrongfully convicted inmates in California or training more than 2,000 lawyers and judges in Latin America.

California Western is dedicated to providing service to the California Western community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and trustees. The library holds more than 297,000 volumes, approximately 3,870 serial subscriptions, microforms currently equivalent to 137,000 volumes, audio and video tapes, computer software, and interactive videos. The library also offers an excellent computer lab

The complete collection is open to law students with a valid ID and to members of the bar. The library is not open to the general public.

School name:California Western School of Law
Address:225 Cedar Street
Zip & city:CA 92101 California

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California Western School of Law Law School Location

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