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Birmingham School of Law

The Birmingham School of Law has been offering a high quality affordable legal education to individuals who choose not to attend a traditional law school for financial, family or occupational reasons. Birmingham School of Law presents a unique opportunity for self-disciplined individuals to earn a law degree.

BSL is an evening law school. The classes begin at 6:30 P.M. Monday through Friday and last for two academic hours. There are fall, spring and summer semesters and students may begin their legal studies any of these three semesters.

Graduation programs are available for students who want to attend three, four or five evenings a week. The time for completing graduation requirements varies between 3-4 years. [Note: Students are required to complete a minimum of 3 courses per semester.]

Birmingham School of Law has an outstanding faculty of practicing attorneys and judges. Students' learning experiences are dramatically enhanced by their professors' practical knowledge of the law and opportunities for "hands-on" training through courses such as Trial Advocacy Skills, Advanced Legal Writing, Legal/Judicial Internships.

BSL has a diverse student body of more than 450 students of all ages and backgrounds from across the state of Alabama. Many different undergraduate majors are represented as there is no "correct" pre-law major.

Although a large majority of our student body is employed full-time, 70% attend at least 4 nights a week year round (fall, spring and summer semesters).

Outstanding professional associations such as Sigma Delta Kappa, Future Trial Lawyers Association, and Association of Trial Lawyers of America, afford students an opportunity to facilitate the goals of the school as well as enhance their own law school experience.

The curriculum at BSL is designed to provide a base of legal knowledge and analytical skills, as well as an understanding of the legal processes and the role of law in our society. A total of 80 semester hours is required for graduation and the award of the Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree.

A three, four, or five-nights-a-week program is available, enabling graduation within 3-4 years or less. [Students are required to complete a minimum of 3 courses per semester, year round.

Required courses comprise 70 hours of the 80 hours required to graduate. The balance, or 10 semester hours, are elective course hours. Each course meets one night a week for a minimum of two academic hours, or 100 minutes (summer classes meet longer.) Successful completion of a course affords two semester hours.

Learning to research and write legal memoranda and briefs is an integral part of the law school experience. To support this, BSL's Law Library offers primary and secondary legal materials in print, on CD-ROM and through on-line media. In addition, a library staff is available to assist students with the use of the library for research.

Birmingham School of Law subscribes to WESTLAW on-line computer research services. Training in the use of WESTLAW is part of a first-year course, Fundamentals of Legal Research. Students have access to WESTLAW through their home computer as well as in the library's computer lab.

School name:Birmingham School of Law
Address:205 20th Street North
Zip & city:AL 35203 Alabama

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