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Yeshiva University (Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law)

Since its founding in 1976 by Yeshiva University, one of the finest research universities in the United States, the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law has gained a national reputation for a top-caliber faculty and an innovative academic program that includes exciting practical opportunities. Located on lower Fifth Avenue in New York’s Greenwich Village, Cardozo offers approximately 1,000 J.D. and LL.M. candidates a comprehensive legal education in the midst of the world’s capital of law, business, finance, and culture.

Cardozo’s faculty of widely-published legal scholars, most of whom have also practiced the law, offer Cardozo students a curriculum that has a strong balance of theory and practice. In addition, nearly half of the faculty hold advanced degrees in other disciplines, making them particularly qualified to provide a fully-rounded and rigorous legal education.

Professors at Cardozo are vibrant, intellectually curious, and committed to the twin goals of teaching and scholarship. About one-half hold advanced degrees in other disciplines; almost all have significant experience in legal practice. Many are preeminent in their fields. The adjunct faculty consists of leading members of the New York bar who bring the insights and practical experience of daily work on the front lines. Cardozo faculty members are accessible—and dedicated to an educational collaboration with students.

At the initiative of the faculty, the Conference Fellows Program was launched in 2005 to help make Cardozo's numerous academic conferences more accessible to law faculty at other schools.

There are certain qualities that set Cardozo apart and give it a unique character. Among them are flexibility and the desire to improve - for the benefit of students and society. Special programs that result from the combination of intellectual excellence and visionary edge have helped to shape the legal landscape, while striving for universal social justice.

Cardozo offers the Juris Doctor (J.D.) as well as a Masters of Law (LL.M.) in General Studies and in Intellectual Property. J.D. degree candidates can seek admission in September, January or May. For those applicants who know Cardozo is their first choice, an early decision program is available for students applying for September matriculation. LL.M. programs of study are offered commencing in September and January on a full- and part-time basis.

Cardozo's J.D. program combines a strong foundation of first-year courses in legal skills and methods with a rich and varied upper-level elective curriculum. Supplemented by numerous special programs, internships and clinics, opportunities to work on six student-run journals and the Moot Court Honor Society, the academic program provides students numerous pathways to the Juris Doctor degee—all designed to prepare them for roles as tomorrow's top legal scholars and practitioners.

Cardozo’s J.D. curriculum is designed to take up most of the available time of students.
The ABA places an absolute ban on outside employment beyond 20 hours per week, for students taking 12 or more credits, while school is in session. (Work experience through a credit-bearing program does not count toward the 20 hours.) Further, outside
employment for first-year students, whether in the full-time or “part-time” program is strongly discouraged and no adjustments in a student’s class schedule will be made to accommodate work schedules. Students in the J.D. part-time program should be aware that it is not analogous to an evening program.
All students should make every effort to organize their lives in a way that leaves them fully available to focus on their schoolwork. No remedy will be available if a student fails to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.2 due to outside commitments and the student will be dismissed from school.
Regular class attendance is both in your best interest and required by Cardozo's regulations. You should be aware that for a graduate to be allowed to sit for the New York Bar examination, CSL must certify to the Board of Bar Examiners that the graduate was in regular attendance. Other states have similar requirements.

Cardozo School of Law offers three LL.M. programs. A student may pursue an LL.M. degree in General Studies, Comparative Legal Thought, or Intellectual Property Law. Students in each program have virtually the entire law school curriculum available to them.

The General Studies LL.M. can be an avenue for study of a range of issues and subjects in legal theory or U.S. law generally. Students enrolled in the General LL.M. program may select from virtually the entire Law School curriculum in constructing a program of study that makes sense for them. The degree will be valuable to lawyers from abroad and J.D. graduates of U.S. law schools who wish to broaden their academic and professional horizons.

The Comparative Legal Thought LL.M. is the newest addition to our LL.M. offerings. This program is the first of its kind at any US law school, and capitalizes on Cardozo’s strength in legal theory, philosophy, jurisprudence, law and literature, religion, and related areas. Although primarily intended for those who hope to enter legal academia, the Comparative Legal Thought program is appropriate for anyone with an interest in these and other interdisciplinary approaches to law

The Intellectual Property Law LL.M. is the capstone to Cardozo’s IP program, which is ranked among the nation’s strongest. The breadth and depth of Cardozo’s course offerings in this area are unsurpassed. Students who complete the LL.M. in IP Law will have an invaluable edge in their understanding of this complex, dynamic, and ever more important field. Graduate study leads to a genuine mastery of the field that simply cannot be attained as part of the J.D. program at any law school.

All programs are open to domestic and international students. Students may begin their LL.M. studies in either the Spring or Fall terms. Students may enroll on a part- or full-time basis and may begin their studies in the fall or spring semester. They must complete a minimum of 24 credits in one year if they study full-time and within three years if they study part-time. Students may elect to write a paper as an independent research project or as an LL.M. thesis.

With one of the most extensive career services and professional development programs in the nation, the Office of Career Services assists students and alumni in defining their career objectives and obtaining post-graduate and summer positions throughout the U.S. and abroad.

The Office's services and resources include: individualized one-on-one student counseling; a mock interview facility with audiovisual capability; an extensive reference library with computer work stations; special publications on employment options and opportunities; a national electronic database of job listings and employment data; and specialized training on job search strategies.

The Office coordinates various programs including skills workshops, internships, summer and semester-long externships, fellowships, clinical experiences, judicial internships, and public interest opportunities—all designed to give students substantive legal experience to complement their academic achievements before graduation.

In addition, Career Services hosts numerous panels, roundtable discussions, symposia, and workshops that bring guest attorneys to campus. These events help expose students to the many career opportunities in a wide range of legal fields. Students also have weekly opportunities to meet informally with established attorneys in a practice-profile lunch program.

To help Cardozo students find employment, the Office conducts extensive outreach to firms, government agencies, public service organizations, corporations, alumni, and others, culminating in on-campus recruitment programs in the fall and spring of each year. The Office helps students access job fairs and other off-campus recruitment and networking events throughout the year.

Cardozo’s residence hall provides housing for a number of students. Preference is given to incoming students from outside the New York area. The residence hall is located one block south of the law school.

Many students find housing in Greenwich Village, Tribeca, SoHo, and other neighborhoods near the Cardozo campus. Resources for various aspects of living in New York City can help acquaint you with options. The school is conveniently accessible to many bus and subway lines, and is also in close proximity to Pennsylvania Station and Grand Central Station. Students can commute easily from other New York neighborhoods where rents are relatively inexpensive. The Office of Admissions publishes a handbook for admitted students who are new to New York and need information about housing.

Close to 9,000 men and women are graduates of Cardozo Law School. While the largest percentage live in the metropolitan New York area, Cardozo alumni live and practice in 46 states. Now beginning its 30th year, Cardozo can boast that 250 graduates have served as law clerks on the US Supreme Court, Federal District and Appellate Courts, and the highest state courts; 30 sit as judges; 175 are partners at major law firms; 135 are corporate counsels; 100 are senior executives at financial institutions; scores are elected or appointed city and state officials; and dozens have senior positions as district attorneys, public defenders, and US attorneys. They hold major offices in local bar associations, and many who have chosen careers outside of the law are business executives, union leaders, community activists, art dealers, writers, actors, and professors.

All alumni can be involved in and help shape Cardozo's future by participating in the Cardozo Alumni Association, which enthusiastically supports the Law School through mentoring programs, participation in admissions activities, career assistance, and Cardozo's Annual Fund.

School name:Yeshiva UniversityBenjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Address:Brookdale Center 55 Fifth Avenue (at 12th Street)
Zip & city:NY 10003 New York

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