Benefits of working in a large law firm

Large law firm

What are the benefits of working in a large law firm?

Attorneys and lawyers that are employed in large law firms (of 100 or more lawyers) known as mega-firms have unique benefits and challenges that set it apart from other practice environments. The benefits they receive are the following:
  1. One of the main benefits is the high salary. Large law firms rank amongst the highest paid practice environments for legal professionals (lawyers, attorneys, etc) and employees are generally granted more generous compensation packages than those working in small firms, the judiciary, government, non profit and public interest environments. How many large law firms pay top dollar, they require the most well-qualified lawyers, paralegals and staff. Mega-firms generally employ only the best students from the most prestigious law schools. For instance most paralegals in large law firms have bachelor’s degrees and experience in their legal specialty. That is why if legal professionals want to work in these law firms, they will need to be well prepared.

  2. Law firms will offer a challenging work. Many of the high-end, complex litigation and transactional legal work is assigned to large law firms.

  3. Of course large law firms will offer to their employees, extensive resources. Law firms have more on-site resources than smaller firms and they range from extensive law libraries to in-house gyms and full service cafeterias.

  4. A large law firm has wide administrative and support staff at its disposal. The staff includes paralegals, legal administrators, marketing specialists, IT workers, librarians, court filers and more.

  5. The place of work will be more luxurious in large firms. The office will offer more luxury and spacious surroundings than small firms, public interest firms, etc. The location of these offices are generally in prime areas of town and close to the courthouse.

  6. Large law firms will provide continued growth and learning opportunities to its employees. They often establish well-defined training and mentoring programs for associates, paralegals and other law firm professionals.

  7. The large law firms will offer significant advancement opportunities. Most of them offer opportunities for promotion. The career path of a legal professional in these firms might progress from entry-level associate to mid-level associate, senior associate, senior partner, etc.

  8. Working for a prestigious and top law firm that is well-recognized and much regarded in the legal community affords the employee a certain level of status and prestige.