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Lawyer Salary

Lawyer Salary

People believe that the legal field is a stable, lucrative and guaranteed way to financial security; the legal profession enjoys prosperity unmatched by other industries. The lawyer profession is amongst some of the highest paying careers and it comes along with great respect in United States. According the report on Salaries by Job, lawyers have the highest average salaries.

Lawyers are generally specialized in a certain area of legal practice, such as business, family, environmental law, among others. Most of legal professionals work in private practices dealing with either civil or criminal law cases. Civil lawyers support clients in matters such as: litigation, wills, contracts, mortgages, etc. On the other hand, Criminal lawyers represent clients with crimes and defend them in courts of law. Besides, there are lawyers that work in government offices, corporations, non-profit organizations, universities, etc.

As every profession, lawyer salaries in initial years are less. New lawyers usually assist the senior lawyers in the initial years. According to latest reports, the average salary for lawyers at the beginning of working and with an experience of less than a year is around US 57,000 each year and also the average salary of the lawyer is all about US 94,000. In comparison with the salary ranges for other jobs, it can be considered a decent salary to start working.

The most influential factors that affect lawyers’ salaries are the following:
  • Work experience: A new awyer earns less than a experienced lawyer. The salaries of experienced lawyers also rely on the place, type and size where they work.

  • Type of employer or client: Legal employers have different pay scales, for example private practice pays more than government, and government pays more than not-for-profits. However, there are other aspects that influence salaries such as the size of a firm.

  • Field of specialization: Some areas of the law basically deal with clients that have more money, for example corporate and financial associated cases deal with deep pockets consequently pay well.

  • Level of education: A senior person bills at a higher rate and will be salaried more than a junior person.

  • Location of working: The geographical area where lawyers work has influence on lawyer salaries, so the average salary of lawyer in states such as Washington, San Francisco and New York is higher than other states.

  • Size of the firm. There are small, medium and large law firms. Large firms usually pay more because these firms have more prestigious and good reputation

Average salary of a Lawyer/Attorney

  • Considering the work experience
  • Work experience (years) Average annual salary ($)
    1 - 5 $70,000 to $125,000
    6 - 10 $95,000 to US $150,000
    11 - more up to US $170,000

  • Considering the field of specialization
  • Specialty Average annual salary ($)
    State government $78,540
    Local government $89,320
    Legal services $116,550
    Federal Executive Branch $126,080
    Management of companies and enterprises $151,820

  • Considering the size of the firm or Company
    The size of the firm plays a role in the salary. Lawyers who get positions in large national firms are bound to have a much higher starting salary than those working for smaller or in local government.

  • Considering the location of working
    The location of the job plays a factor in the salary. For example, the annual salary for lawyers working in New York State is $145,400, while for those in New Jersey is $123,210.

Salary calculator Tools

The Free Salary Calculator is the perfect online tool that will show you the different salaries of different categories of Law jobs in different states. This tool allows you to make your decisions better. This is especially useful if you don't have any problems about moving to another town, city or state.

When you are looking for a job, it is important to know just how much a certain industry pays. This is important because spending a few months or even a couple of years training for a certain job would be a waste if you discover that there is another job in a different category that pays better with much less training and effort. Learning the different levels of salaries for different Law job categories will make you decide better with more information.


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