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Law Job Change

Law Job Change

It is not like you have worked for McDonalds and now you want to move to KFC. In the legal business, the majority of companies communicate one with the other, so you might want not only to keep a good relationship with your current employer after quitting job, but also to leave an entrance opened in case you want to come back later.

How To Be Elegant When You Need A Law Job Change

You are allowed to quit your job whenever you want, as long as you respect the legal matters involved in such an action. Getting Fired is not an option! Your resignation form would contain the declaration of the employee, and both parts must respect the clauses of the labor contract. The resignation must contain the decision of the employee to quit the job, the final benefits and the notice period. There is no special resignation form, so it is better to write the Notice of resignation with your own hand.

The Resignation letter must be given to your direct superior, and if you work in another office, you should send a recommended letter with confirmation of receiving. This way, any legal problem would be avoided later.

How to resign: vacancy and compensations

In case you have already taken your legal vacation for the respective year, you might need to pay for the respective days. In the opposite case, the company is obliged to pay for those vacancy days that you have not taken. In the case of law job resignation, it is also important to establish other matters, such as the state of the cases you are currently working at.

A new lawyer would take your responsibilities, and your employer would surely appreciate if you tell the respective employee exactly what he needs to do.

As a principle, you won't need the approval of your employee to quit your job. On the other hand, if you have this approval, your legal job resignation would be accepted a lot easier, and you will also have the possibility to return at the respective company after a while.

Legal job change: how to avoid legal matters

If your resignation is ambiguous, and the terms of ceasing the labor contract are not clear, the employer might attack it in a court of law. If you want this problem to be avoided, make sure that all the aspects of your resignation are written in the respective decision and that you have the signature of your superior on the resignation form.

It is important to keep a good relationship with all the legal companies in your city; this is why you need to be careful with any law job change. Learn how to quit your job in an elegant manner, without upsetting anyone. Explain your reasons for leaving, and make sure that your ex-bosses would appreciate you even after leaving. You might never know when would you want to return, and a good relationship with those bosses would allow you to do this in a few years.

Those are only the basics of a Law Job Change, but there are characteristics for any company and law firm, so you would have to consider your decision carefully before taking it.