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Law school scholarships

Law school scholarships

Becoming a lawyer process involves making the way through law schools. This can result a high cost for prospective law students, who usually will seek for financial aid in order to manage these high costs that depend on each law school. To encourage law students to follow their dreams and be legal professionals, law schools and other organizations offer scholarships and grants.

The cost of law school education that includes tuition, course expenses, loan fees, room and board, etc can reach up to $50,000 per year approximately. In order to achieve law schools scholarships that are very competitive and limited in scope, future law students will require time, persistence, and research.

Law school scholarships options are available through online applications that usually involve a simple process that includes an essay, a test and sometimes a written exam. Others require a formal written application and interview. The scholarship sum depends on the location, school, and student eligibility. They are usually awarded to first year students. Law school scholarships offer an important way for prospective students to pay for their complete law schools education and most of these are privately funded and based on merit.

The main sources to look for scholarships are the schools which law students are thinking to attend. Many law schools provide merit-based scholarships for entering students. For instance, Baylor University offers awards for first year law students based on undergraduate grades, LSAT scores, and others, Pace Law School offer scholarships available for partial and full tuition and if students want to qualify, they have already be enrolled in the program, maintain a good GPA, etc, Columbia School of Law that is one of the top law schools in United States offers a diversity of scholarships for eligible students.

A second source of scholarships is the community. Civic organizations and businesses usually offer awards for local students. Employers also may offer students educational support. It is also a good idea inquire with the local bar association and other professional legal organizations. For instance the ABA (American Bar Association) has a good listing of scholarships for law students on its Website at


Law students have to collect as many potential scholarships as possible. This involves list online resources, visit the library, and ask for help to professors and guidance counselors to create a list.

The process for applying to law school scholarships involves that students fulfill several basic requirements when they apply.
  • Students will generally have to already be accepted to a law school program.
  • Students will need to have done well in their prior academic studies and meet a minimum GPA.
It is important to know that students with the most need receive preferential status.
Scholarships require the following information:
  • Transcripts (official)
  • Standardized test scores: SAT, ACT
  • Financial aid forms (FAFSA)
  • Parents' financial information
  • At least one supporting essay
  • At least a letter of recommendation
Depending on the type of scholarship, the application process can include a personal interview with applicants and an audition.

Applying for multiple law school scholarships and grants will give law students most opportunity for completing their education. The following scholarships are available for eligible students: