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Bachelor of laws

Bachelor of laws

Law is an interesting and rewarding career for that reason many people decide to study it. Keep in mind; a law degree is the first step to practice law professionally and to asset for careers that are not related to law such as human resources, corporate business, local and central government or the voluntary sector. The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is primary law degree and the most important in most common law countries. It is considered as the passport to success in the employment law market.

The LLB will provide an education that is distinguished by its depth and conceptual sophistication, and its rigorous knowledge of substantive areas of law that are necessaries to undertake legal practice within a broad liberal education. The LLB offers elective courses from the commercial to liberal and socially-oriented topics, and extra-curricular activities that provide opportunities to apply the knowledge of concepts, principles, policies and values acquired in the classroom into a practical context. Besides they develop skills in critical analysis that will be useful in any career.

Structure of LL.B. program

The program includes a number of compulsory law courses to provide students a wide understanding of legal concepts, processes and methods. Besides, students can choose elective law courses in areas of their interest, such as Family Law, International Law, Business Law and Criminal Law, and they also include some non-law electives towards their studies although these are limited.

Areas of Epecilization

A variety of elective courses are offered that include Comparative Law, Tax Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Copyright Law, Labour Law, Human Rights and International Law.

Career Opportunities

Roles for law graduates are increasing significantly. Lawyers can become involved in court work or choose to practice as solicitors. Many graduates choose the legal practice, but the rest of them choose to pursue careers in different fields such as:
  • Industry
  • Government
  • Commerce
  • Community organizations or academic institutions
There are a huge range of options, for that reason a career in law its very distinctive appeal and makes the study of law one of the most popular choices among today's students.

Potential careers

  • Barrister
  • Business Lawyer
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Ministerial Adviser
  • Patent Attorney
  • Parliamentary Member
  • Judicial Associate
  • Solicitor or Barrister
  • Legal Officer or Legal aid
  • Politician

Professional Accrediatation

The Bachelor of Laws is accredited by the Admission Council that provides the academic foundation for admission to legal practice. After graduation from the Bachelor of Laws and completion of the Graduate Diploma and Legal Practice, students are eligible to be admitted to the Supreme Court and they may apply for admission in any other jurisdictions.